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Firestorm Comic Reading Recommendations

Lots of folks have recently asked me for Firestorm reading recommendations. The Flash TV show has generated a lot of interest for the character. Here are my recommendations for folks looking for entertaining Firestorm reads. These are simply my opinions and are open to debate. If you feel I’ve left off a good story, be sure to […]

Firestorm Action Figure Index

Here is your resource for Firestorm action (and inaction) figures! Several Match-heads have requested a guide to the Nuclear Man in molded plastic, so I’m happy to oblige. Below you’ll find every Firestorm action figure produced to date. You can use the group photo at the top to provide a sense of scale for subsequent […]

Mark Bagley Firestorm Sketch

Check out this recent Mark Bagley convention sketch done for Match-head Roy Cleary! I love Bagley’s work. His Thunderbolts was so much fun! Love that series! At the same convention Roy had the chance to meet Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle too! Sounds like a Firestorm-filled show to me! While there I imagine Roy was hunting for another […]

Teenager Draws Firestorm Incarnations

Check this out! Awesome fan art featuring nearly every incarnation of Firestorm! I absolutely love it! Click the image to enlarge! The artist is a teenager from Mexico named Jules Suarez. A teenager!! How cool is that?!?! First of all, I don’t know a lot of teenage fans of Firestorm. Second, if his art is […]

Scott Clark Memorial Video

Scott Clark, the amazing penciller who contributed the Firestorm-centric pages to Brightest Day, passed away rather suddenly in early 2013. Scott worked on a variety of high-profile books, including: X-Men, Batman Inc, Alpha Flight, Grifter, Stormwatch, Adventure Comics, Wonder Woman, and Brightest Day, just to name a few. Dave Beaty, Scott’s long-time inker and creative collaborator, created this a […]

Tribute to Scott Clark, Brightest Day Penciller

Back in February, artist Scott Clark passed away at the far-too-young age of 43. Scott was probably best known to Firestorm fans as the amazing penciller who contributed the Firestorm-centric pages to Brightest Day. Scott Clark broke into superhero comics during the 1990s and worked for years in conjunction with Jim Lee’s WildStorm studio. Scott worked […]

VOTE! Top 6 Entries from ‘What do you like about Firestorm?’

Wow! My thanks to everyone who contributed to the recent contest, “What do you like about Firestorm?” Y’all have posted some really inspiring stories about the Nuclear Man! Now it’s time to vote for your favorite six stories shared by your fellow Firestorm fans! We have over 50 entries, so make sure you’ve got some […]

Contest: What do you like about Firestorm?

Hey Match-heads, the FIRESTORM FAN site just turned four years old and we want this birthday party to include you! Tell us why you like the character of Firestorm and you could win prizes in this contest! The rules of the contest are pretty simple… Just share what you like about Firestorm, or a favorite […]

Random Panel of the Day

Here is your random panel of the day! Take a guess where it’s from, then check the image properties for the answer! My thanks to Bill Bailey for sending this my way! Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Firestorm Went Skydiving With Me

Last week I went skydiving and Firestorm came with me! Skydiving is something I’ve wanted to do my whole life. Since I was turning 40, I figured now was a good time to scratch this off the bucket list!  My wonderful wife was kind enough to arrange this for my birthday!  Thank you, Gena! We […]

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