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Teenager Draws Firestorm Incarnations

Check this out! Awesome fan art featuring nearly every incarnation of Firestorm! I absolutely love it! Click the image to enlarge!

The artist is a teenager from Mexico named Jules Suarez. A teenager!! How cool is that?!?! First of all, I don’t know a lot of teenage fans of Firestorm. Second, if his art is this good during his teenage years, just think how good he’ll be as an adult! Great job, Jules!! Keep up the fantastic work! Be sure to follow Jules on deviantART and Tumblr!

Firestorm incarnations by Julio Suarez

Just about every Firestorm is represented in this drawing!! Here is a complete list of all incarnations in Jules’ art:

  • Original Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Martin Stein)
  • Elemental Firestorm (Martin Stein)
  • Jason Rusch (1st Firestorm form)
  • Jason Rusch (One Year Later design)
  • Deathstorm (Black Lantern Firestorm)
  • Brightest Day Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Jason Rusch)
  • Jason Rusch (New 52 Firestorm Protocols)
  • Ronnie Raymond (New 52 Firestorm Protocols)
  • Fury (New 52 Firestorm Protocols)
  • Current Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond / Jason Rusch)
  • Crime Syndicate Deathstorm (Martin Stein)

The only Firestorm missing is the “Blank Slate” Firestorm. However, to be fair the only recognizable difference between the “Blank Slate” and the original Firestorm are the red cowl sideburns. So really, the art works just fine without it.

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  1. Martin Stein Returns says:

    Just being technical, I would also include Bizarro Firestorm and Firestork.

  2. Martin Stein Returns says:

    But otherwise, amazing work!

  3. Mr.Morbid says:

    Very, very cool-looking artwork right there. Way to go Jules on representing Firestorm..and the numeorus ones to boot. Very cool!

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