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New Firestorm Action Figure This Fall!

Geez, not the best week to have a broken computer! Lots of Firestorm news going on, so I’ll be playing catch-up over the next week or so.  Hopefully my computer will be fixed by mid-next week. The 111th America International Toy Fair ran February 16-19, 2014. Mattel had quite the impressive display of upcoming DC […]

Teenager Draws Firestorm Incarnations

Check this out! Awesome fan art featuring nearly every incarnation of Firestorm! I absolutely love it! Click the image to enlarge! The artist is a teenager from Mexico named Jules Suarez. A teenager!! How cool is that?!?! First of all, I don’t know a lot of teenage fans of Firestorm. Second, if his art is […]

Yildiray Cinar Firestorm Unpublished Cover

This past weekend Yildiray Cinar posted on his website this unpublished cover to The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men! They totally should have used this cover! Man, I really enjoy Yildiray drawing Firestorm characters! Click the image below to enlarge. Be sure to visit Yildiray Cinar’s website and let him know how much you […]

New Firestorm Heroclix in Stores Today!

Check your local comic book or gaming shop today for DC Heroclix: Justice League, a brand new series of Heroclix based upon DC’s New 52! This set not only includes Firestorm, it includes THREE DIFFERENT FIRESTORMS! The set also includes fan-favorites like Cyborg, while characters like Madame Xanadu and John Constantine appear for the first […]

Firestorm Word Balloons

One of the nice artistic touches in the current Fury of Firestorm series is the word balloons. Each of the Firestorm protocol characters has their own distinctive-looking word balloon. I asked the folks at Hi-Fi Colour Design who developed these unique looks. Here was their response: Pre-2000 this was the colorist domain at DC. Today […]

Know Your Firestorms – New 52 Edition

** UPDATED ** Here you’ll find a brief guide to each of the New 52 Firestorms. These entries will provide you with their name, appearance, country of origin, and perhaps a few other details. I plan to update this guide from time-to-time, so be sure to visit again and look for new content. This guide […]

Who is controlling Fury?

After reading The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #2, I can’t help but wonder who is controlling Fury. I’ve been operating under the assumption that Fury’s independent persona comes from one of two places: Fury’s persona is an amalgamation of Ronnie and Jason’s subconscious minds; or Fury’s persona comes from the nuclear power itself. […]

Looking forward to FIRESTORM #2 tomorrow!

Can’t wait for tomorrow — we finally get our hands on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #2! Today we’re posting some news and hype-related links to get you jazzed for tomorrow! First up, the news… Yesterday artist Yildiray Cinar posted a super-cool new teaser image promoting issue #2! This image is similar to the […]

Fantastic Teaser by Steve Buccellato

Check out this awesome teaser posted yesterday on the Facebook page for Steve Buccellato, colorist on THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN #1! Art by Yildiray Cinar and colors by Steve Buccellato. What a great way to generate some excitement for a book!  I wish I’d caught this yesterday. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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