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New Firestorm Action Figure This Fall!

Geez, not the best week to have a broken computer! Lots of Firestorm news going on, so I’ll be playing catch-up over the next week or so.  Hopefully my computer will be fixed by mid-next week.

The 111th America International Toy Fair ran February 16-19, 2014. Mattel had quite the impressive display of upcoming DC Comics related merchandise. One of the figures on display included our favorite Nuclear Man as part of their Total Heroes line! Check out the images below for the good news (images found via ToyArk; click to enlarge)! Then scroll further down for the bad news…

Mattel's Total Heroes Firestorm action figure at Toy Fair 2014

Mattel's Total Heroes Firestorm action figure at Toy Fair 2014

Includes interchangeable hands, and heads for Jason-Storm and Fury! Most importantly, it includes an attachable floating Professor Stein head!!

Mattel's Total Heroes Firestorm action figure at Toy Fair 2014

Okay, are you completely over the moon about this figure? I know I am!! Now the bad news. It appears this figure will only be available to members of the Matty Collector Club. The figure is described as, “one of four quarterly deluxe 6” DC Universe Total Heroes figures for 2014.” We’ll keep an eye out for information on this figure and let you know!

My thanks to Michael Bailey, Derek Crabbe, J David Weter, Walter from BoosterrificLucien Desar and Michael Wagner for the heads-up about this figure. Thanks, guys!

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  1. Doug says:

    LOVE the floating Stein head! So FUN!!

    VERY cool! It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new Firestorm figure of any sort. Hopefully this means Mattel realizes the potential of cranking out super-fun villain figures and maybe they’ll start on Firestorm’s rogues!

    Interesting amalgamation of the previous/New 52 costumes.

  2. firestormfan89 says:

    The floating head of Prof. Stein makes this a must-have for me, but why don’t they want me to have it? What’s the deal with making this an exclusive for club members? E-bay here I come.

  3. Yeah, LOVE this! All the different heads- especially make this amazing. And the nuclear-blasts… That’s fucking fantastic.
    Also- this is the first time I’ve seen the packaging for those new Super Powers figures- NICE!
    And that’s not a shabby John Stewart either- extra GL heads there as well…
    Anyways- that Firestorm figure is a good enough incentive to sub if that’s what they’re going for. -It’s THAT cool. It’ll probably break you getting it off eBay anyways…
    “Roll out that special head- this is our favorite one… Please don’t try to leave- don’t leave The Hall of Heads!”

  4. First off that Firestorm looks fantastic! The Super Powers toys coming this year are also quite nice, including the Super Amigos “Green Lantern As The Riddler” release.

    I do want to say, you SHOULD be able to buy him through the MattyCollector website. Right now, for instance, the two regular figures just posted for this month are Phantom Stranger and Larfleeze, and both are available for order. The next “Total Heroes” release is due next month, and is a Green Lantern Corps set. It allows you to make John Stewart, Tomar Re, or… someone else I don’t recognize.

    These Total Hero releases are quarterly instead of monthly, and cost more money because of all the extra pieces. But the GLC set is on the release schedule for “All Access” (meaning anyone can buy it off of MattyCollector). Following the GLC will be Black Manta, Terry MacGuiness Batman, and then Firestorm (4th quarter 2014).

    The only thing is this: subscribers get “Early Access” to these figures, so if one of them sells out at Early Access, there will be none left for All Access. If that happens, keep on eye out on online toy sellers like Big Bad Toy Store and Entertainment Earth to see if they get stock, which they often do. And of course there is eBay. But these DCU figures do not seem to sell out nearly as badly as the MOTU Classics figures do (most selling out in a few days if not several hours).

    So keep your eye on MattyCollector and by the end of the year you’ll probably have the privledge (heh heh) of plopping down a chunk of change to get a sweet Firestorm figure WITH The Floating Head Of Martin Stein!

  5. […] Since February we’ve been hearing about the upcoming Total Heroes Firestorm action figure from Matty Collector. This figure will includes interchangeable hands, and heads for the New 52 Ronnie Raymond version of Firestorm, Jason Rusch incarnation, as well as Fury (pictured below)! Most importantly, it includes an attachable floating Professor Stein head!! Well, they’ve finally announced the release schedule! […]

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