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Ramona Fradon draws Firestorm

Ramona Fradon is one of the all-time great comic book artists! I was fortunate enough to meet her in 2018 at the Baltimore Comic Con, and she was a true joy.

Ramona Fradon is known by many as THE premier Aquaman artist, having drawn the character for over 10 years and launching Aquaman into the Silver Age of comics. Most of you probably know I’m one-half of the team that produces AQUAMAN & FIRESTORM: THE FIRE & WATER PODCAST.  My podcasting partner, Rob Kelly, is responsible for THE AQUAMAN SHRINE.  Therefore, this recent commission by Ramona Fradon of Firestorm just blew my socks off!  The melding of two of my favorite things!

Ramona Fradon draws Firestorm

Love this so much!!  This is not my commission, but it’s featured over on the Catskill Comics websiteCheck out their site and you can order your own Ramona Fradon commission! My thanks to Darrin & Ruth Sutherland for the heads-up about this piece!

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  1. Patrick F. says:

    This is my commission. I have gotten over 20 Firestorm commissions over the last two years. You can view them all on Instagram, my user name is Az80sguy.

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