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My Firestorm-y Dragon Con 2015!

Dragon Con 2015 has been over for two weeks, but I’m just now starting to recover! This was my 14th Dragon Con and I was stunned by all the love for Firestorm this year! FIRESTORM FAN meets TV’s FIRESTORM! Robbie Amell (who portrays Ronnie Raymond & Firestorm on CW’s The Flash) was a guest at the con this year! […]

Dress as Firestorm for Halloween

Thanks to Target, it’s never been easier to dress as Firestorm for Halloween! Check out this hilarious flaming hat available at your local Target (assuming they aren’t already sold out)! The hat is sold as an exclusive to Target, “Chris March: Big Fun – Light-Up Flame Foam Wig”. They were available online, but have now […]

Dragon Con 2014 Cosplay Crossover

Awesome Cosplay and a Blog Crossover?!?! Two great tastes that taste great together! A number of different blogs have combined forces today to feature some of the amazing cosplayers at Dragon Con 2014! Each blog in this crossover will focus on their own favorite heroes and corresponding cosplayers. If you’re not familiar with Dragon Con, it’s the largest multi-media, popular […]

Interruption of Service for Geek Mardi Gras!

Hi Match-heads! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I’m heading to Geek Mardi Gras! Or as it’s officially known, DragonCon! Regular service should resume after Labor Day (assuming I survive the experience). In the meantime, you can watch our social media feed for Firestorm news or even some DragonCon chatter! Twitter Facebook Google […]

Supergirl #12 featuring Firestorm! Sort of…

Love this panel by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti from Supergirl #12 (cover dated January 2007)! In this issue, Supergirl decides to blow off steam by going clubbing. She happens to pick a club where people dress as heroes and villains, so she’s effectively incognito among a bunch of cosplayers. Click the image to enlarge. In the […]

Killer Frost Cosplay Kid!

Check out this awesome young lady cosplaying the New 52 incarnation of Killer Frost! How cool is that (pun intended)?!?!? Click the image below to enlarge! The image above was posted to Reddit shortly after Halloween. I reached out to the girl’s family and her mother was kind enough to write back, providing some history […]

DragonCon 2013 Cosplay – Firestorm & Killer Frost

While I wasn’t able to attend DragonCon this year (first one I’ve missed in 9 years), I’ve been checking out tons of the amazing cosplay photos online! Today we’re looking at a few Firestorm-related cosplayers from DragonCon 2013! Photos found via Pat Loika, Patrick Sun, David Ngo, and Bethany Maddock. One of the coolest-looking events […]

Firestorm Cosplay at SDCC 2013

Turns out there was a cool Firestorm cosplayer at the San Diego Comic-Con this year! Here are a few snapshots taken of the Nuclear Man! Firestorm at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con! Another shot of the Nuclear Man at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con! Finally, a great shot of the SDCC Firestorm along with Thom […]

Firestorm Cosplay at C2E2 2013

A couple weeks ago, this Match-head was spotted at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2)! It’s rare we find someone cosplaying our favorite Nuclear Man, so our hats off to this guy! I’m interested to hear what the flaming hair was made from. Is that paper?  And dang, that dude is tall!! Click the […]

You Can Own Your Own Firestorm Spandex Superhero Costume!?!?

That’s right! You can order your very own Firestorm costume online! No joke! A company called Herostime has produced a number of superhero costumes, including our favorite Nuclear Man! Prices start at $72.58 and they offer lots of options and sizes. Now to complete your cosplay, you just need to set your hair on fire! […]

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