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Scott Clark Memorial Video

Scott Clark, the amazing penciller who contributed the Firestorm-centric pages to Brightest Day, passed away rather suddenly in early 2013. Scott worked on a variety of high-profile books, including: X-Men, Batman Inc, Alpha Flight, Grifter, Stormwatch, Adventure Comics, Wonder Woman, and Brightest Day, just to name a few.

Firestorm from Brightest Day by Scott Clark - click to enlarge

Dave Beaty, Scott’s long-time inker and creative collaborator, created this a memorial video to celebrate what would have been Scott’s 44th birthday. Many of Scott’s fans, friends & family contributed to this video. Please take a few minutes and celebrate his life and many contributions to the comic book art form. See all the titles Scott worked on by clicking here. For a celebration of Scott’s contributions to Brightest Day, click here.

If you can’t view the embedded video above, please click here.

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  1. Doug says:

    Beautiful, touching tribute.

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