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Firestorm Comic Reading Recommendations

Lots of folks have recently asked me for Firestorm reading recommendations. The Flash TV show has generated a lot of interest for the character. Here are my recommendations for folks looking for entertaining Firestorm reads. These are simply my opinions and are open to debate. If you feel I’ve left off a good story, be sure to add it to the comments!


Fury of Firestorm #1 (1982)

Ronnie Raymond & Professor Martin Stein

  • Firestorm The Nuclear Man 1-5 (1978): Firestorm’s earliest adventures. Collected
  • DC Comics Presents 17 (1980): Firestorm returns to action with Superman & receives an invitation. Collected
  • The Flash 289-299, 301-303 (1980-1981): Firestorm 8 page back-up stories. Partially Collected
  • Fury of Firestorm 1-9 (1982-1983): Firestorm’s most successful run. Fun stories!
  • Fury of Firestorm 14-18; Fury of Firestorm Annual 1 (1983): Excellent story introducing Firehawk and Tokamak. My personal favorite!


Firestorm #1 (2004)

Jason Rusch

  • Firestorm 1-3 (2004): The origin of Jason as Firestorm Available Digitally
  • Firestorm 8-13 (2005): Jason teams-up with Firehawk and … deceased Ronnie Raymond? Partially Collected
  • Firestorm The Nuclear Man 28-32 (2006-2007): Jason and Professor Stein together in a fantastic adventure
  • Blackest Night 1-8 (2009-2010): Firestorm changed forever. Collected


Fury of Firestorm (2012)

New 52: Ronnie Raymond & Jason Rusch

  • The Fury of Firestorm The Nuclear Man 13-20 (2012-2013): The New 52 Firestorm returned to a more iconic version. Collected


In my opinion, the comics above are the most essential Firestorm stories.  Up next are other Firestorm appearances definitely worth your time!


Justice League of America #179 - Firestorm joins the JLA

Firestorm-centric Justice League of America appearances:

  • JLA 179-180 (1980): Firestorm joins the JLA
  • JLA 183-185 (1980) : JLA travels to Apokolips. Collected
  • JLA 192 & 193 (1981): Red Tornado goes wild. Collected
  • JLA 205 (1982): Professor Stein vs Hector Hammond
  • JLA 207-209, and All-Star Squadron 14 & 15 (1982): Crisis on Earth-Prime. Collected
  • JLA 228-230, JLA Annual #2 (1984): Mars/Earth War and aftermath


Firestorm #99 the Elemental Era

Stories that dramatically changed Firestorm’s composition and personality:

  • Fury of Firestorm 62-64, Fury of Firestorm Annual 5, Firestorm 65 (1987): Birth of the “Blank Slate” Firestorm
  • Firestorm 85-100 (1989-1990): The Elemental era of Firestorm


Brightest Day featuring Firestorm

Major DC Events Involving Firestorm:


There you go. While Firestorm has appeared in hundreds of other comics, these are the ones I’d recommend to a new reader of the character. If you disagree with my selections, or think of other important appearances, sound off in the comments!

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  1. Ken says:

    Solid list! I agree with just about everything.
    While I personally didn’t liked the ‘Blank Slate’ & the ‘Elemental’ Firestorms; the writing on those was wonderful! Those are worth the read! Also, the backup stories in Flash were Great! I waited for each issue!
    Not sure if I’m as Big of a Fan ( honestly, you run this site!), but certainly a long time match head! I still believe that Firestorm is, & could be one of the Most powerful Super Heroes in the DC Universe, if used (written) correctly!
    I’d love to see him Back in the JLA.
    Thanks for all you do to keeping the Firestorm flames stoked!!

    ~ Ken

  2. Is there some reason why these links appear not to be to In-Stock Trades’ website?

  3. Jeff R. says:

    As painful as it is, Identity Crisis probably does belong in the Major Events category here, if only to inform what’s happening in Brightest Day.

    1. thefadeawayman says:

      Totally agree, “Idenity Crisis” (Like it or not)
      Is & should be on essential list.
      Is 2004 Jolley origin that much better than the New 52 (vol.1) origin…
      I still gotta find the early 80’s run, dam.. That #1 (Blue background cvr.)

  4. Aaron Moss says:

    I agree with your list Shag. Fantastic books one and all (I’m not so big on the Jason Rusch series, but it’s still Firestorm).

    I second Shag’s “Go read these books”.

  5. Tim Cogan says:

    I looked around for Annual 5, but it doesn’t exist. Is it 4?

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