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Dr. Allen Phaedon on YOUNG JUSTICE! Wait.. who?

On a recent episode of the animated series YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS, Dr. Allen Phaedon made an appearance! You know, Dr Phaedon from FIRESTORM!  Isn’t that great!! … … Yup, I didn’t remember him either. My thanks to FIRESTORM FAN friend, Joshua Lapin-Bertone for the heads-up on this character appearance. Check out Josh’s YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS article […]

Killer Frost on Young Justice

Since the new Firestorm has dominated this site for a while, I thought some old school fans might appreciate something a little different! Killer Frost appeared last week on YOUNG JUSTICE in the episode entitled, “Terrors”.  We were treated to the Crystal Frost incarnation of the character, with voice acting by Sarah Shahi.  Those of […]

Todd Nauck Firestorm Sketches

I fell in love with the artwork of Todd Nauck back in 1998 in the YOUNG JUSTICE comic.  I’ve followed him through a number of titles, including his own WILDGUARD series. The super-cool sketch below was done at the 2011 Emerald City Comicon for fellow Firestorm fan, Philip Rutledge.  I really dig Ronnie’s face and […]

Young Justice Preview featuring Killer Frost

I’m so jazzed!  Cartoon Network has released a six-minute preview of the new Young Justice cartoon!  The series premieres on November 26 at 7pm Eastern.  I loved the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series, so I can’t wait for Young Justice. While the Nuclear Man hasn’t been listed amongst the guest-starring JLA members, we […]

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