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Killer Frost on Young Justice

Since the new Firestorm has dominated this site for a while, I thought some old school fans might appreciate something a little different!

Killer Frost appeared last week on YOUNG JUSTICE in the episode entitled, “Terrors”.  We were treated to the Crystal Frost incarnation of the character, with voice acting by Sarah Shahi.  Those of you with long memories may recall that Killer Frost also appeared in the pilot episode for YOUNG JUSTICE.  Below is the description for the “Terrors” episode:

Batman assigns Superboy and Miss Martian to go undercover inside Belle Reve Penitentiary, a federal prison designed to house the world’s worst super-villains.

It was a really good episode, definitely worth your time!  Lots of cold-power fun!  Below you’ll find a few screen captures of Killer Frost from the episode.

Killer Frost on Young Justice Terrors

Killer Frost on Young Justice Terrors

Killer Frost on Young Justice Terrors

Killer Frost on Young Justice Terrors

Killer Frost on Young Justice Terrors

My thanks to Michael A. Burstein for the heads-up about Killer Frost’s appearance. Thanks, Michael!

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  1. Spinks says:

    When is Firestorm going to show up in Young Justice?

    I’m miffed that he wasn’t at least mentioned/a cameo in the latest episode (“Agendas”). From wiki: “Meanwhile at the Watchtower, members of the Justice League meet to vote on the new or continued membership of multiple heroes.” Captain Atom was in it! Come on DC!

    You gotta pull the trigger and get flame head out there.


  2. Spinks says:

    Okay–the DC discussion board is closed. And I just watched the newest episodes of Young Justice. Five years later. Lots of new characters in the show… but still not even ONE Firestorm cameo.

    DC–Firestorm, in whatever form, is never, never, going to get the subscribers/readers he deserves until you give him some air time. PLEASE get him on Young Justice.


  3. Shag says:

    @Spinks – While I haven’t watched much Young Justice yet, I’m hopeful he’ll turn up! Fingers crossed!

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