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Todd Nauck Firestorm Sketches

I fell in love with the artwork of Todd Nauck back in 1998 in the YOUNG JUSTICE comic.  I’ve followed him through a number of titles, including his own WILDGUARD series.

The super-cool sketch below was done at the 2011 Emerald City Comicon for fellow Firestorm fan, Philip Rutledge.  I really dig Ronnie’s face and the Kirby Krackle on this sketch!

Todd Nauck Firestorm sketch owned by Philip Rutledge

Back in July 2011, Todd was breaking in some grayscale copic markers and produced the fantastic Firestorm sketch below.  Again, he’s rockin’ the Kirby Krackle!

Todd Nauck Firestorm sketch done with Copic markers

Man, I really love his artwork!  There is something about his style that really speaks to me!  You can keep up with Todd Nauck on his own website and on Twitter.

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  1. liquidcross says:

    I thought those were called “Kirby Dots,” and “Kirby Krackle” was the shitty band.

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