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Dr. Allen Phaedon on YOUNG JUSTICE! Wait.. who?

On a recent episode of the animated series YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS, Dr. Allen Phaedon made an appearance! You know, Dr Phaedon from FIRESTORM!  Isn’t that great!! … … Yup, I didn’t remember him either. My thanks to FIRESTORM FAN friend, Joshua Lapin-Bertone for the heads-up on this character appearance. Check out Josh’s YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS article over on DC UNIVERSE about Easter Eggs found in episodes 10-13 by clicking here!

Created by Stuart Moore & Jamal Igle in FIRESTORM #14 (August 2005), Dr. Phaedon is an ill-tempered scientist working for STAR Labs specializing in nanotechnology and miniaturization. When we first meet him, he works for STAR Labs Detroit, and later STAR Labs San Francisco. And the STAR Labs Detroit office is hilariously low rent! I love that they worked in the STAR Labs sloping front into a shopping center facade — Bwah-ha-ha!! Beneath the dentist and Pizza Tent on the marquee too! LOL!STAR Labs Detroit from FIRESTORM #14 by Stuart Moore & Jamal Igle

The Detroit office is small, so they combine anti-gravity technology with office space efficiency! Clever!

STAR Labs Detroit by Stuart Moore and Jamal Igle

STAR Labs Detroit in FIRESTORM #14 by Stuart Moore and Jamal Igle

Because of the anti-gravity work stations, Dr Phaedon always wears a belt with flying jets. He’s also always seen with magnifying tech goggles, usually resting on his forehead.

Dr Allen Phaedon in Firestorm #20 by Stuart Moore and Patrick Olliffe

Dr Phaedon is probably best known for his stormy relationship with his wife, Nanette. They often argue openly in the STAR Labs office. Usually the arguments are about money, or that STAR Labs Detroit was laying off all their employees. Nanette is furious with her husband and STAR Labs. It’s worth noting that Phaedon is really an unpleasant and brusque guy, bordering upon rude. No wonder his wife hates him. In a private conversation with Dr Phaedon’s boss, Jason Rusch referred to Dr Phaedon as a “tool” (and the boss agreed with him).

While in the San Francisco office, one of the arguments between Dr Phaedon and his wife gets out of hand. In his anger, Dr Phaedon blasts her with some tech that accidentally miniaturizes Nanette. While shrunken inside the computers, Nanette begins sabotaging STAR Labs systems. Then in her miniature state, she helps defeat an OMAC that is terrorizing the STAR Labs San Francisco office. Husband and wife begin to make amends, but Nanette abandons him when it was over with OMAC.

Dr Allen Phaedon in Firestorm #20 by Stuart Moore and Patrick Olliffe

To see Dr. Allen Phaedon in animation, be sure to check out the new YOUNG JUSTICE: OUTSIDERS season over on DC UNIVERSE!

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