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Deathstorm’s Winter Fun

Fellow Firestorm fan, A.j. Chwaster, was kind enough to direct me towards his Firestorm-themed holiday comic strip for 2010.  You may recall last year he did the “Under the Mistletoe with Firestorm” comic strip.  This year he focuses on Firestorm’s doppelganger.  Seems Deathstorm is out keeping slippery snowy sidewalks safe for everyone this winter, but […]

Poking Fun at the Nuclear Man

A couple recent web comics have poked some fun at our favorite Nuclear Man.  While I stand up for Firestorm every chance I get, it doesn’t hurt to chuckle once in a while.  As Ed Raymond would probably say, “Any press is good press!”  Enjoy! First one up is a guest strip from the web […]

Dearest Firestorm (Love, Multiplex) song by Bryce Jensen

Today we’re featuring an unusual and hilarious item – a song about Firestorm the Nuclear Man!  The SpinTunes blog started a song-writing competition back in June. The first round challenge was called, “I’m A Marvel, And I’m A DC”.  Contestants had to write a song from the point-of-view of a superhero or supervillian. All of […]

Under the Mistletoe with Firestorm

Happy Holidays!  Here is a funny created by Andy C. of the Unique Geek listserv using the Marvel Comic Book Creator. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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