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Firestorm, Batman & Superman by D.C. Stuelpner

I love this fantastic piece of Firestorm hangin’ with Supes and Bats by D.C. Stuelpner! Too funny! Click to enlarge. Be sure to follow D.C. Stuelpner on his blog and deviantART. My thanks to the following Match-heads for sending this my way: Allen Lee Hansard, Nick Martorelli, Hector Negrete, William Byrne, Marty Light, and others (sorry if I […]

Alex M Clark Art – Marshmallows by the Firestorm

Alex M. Clark recently posted on his blog this super-fun image! It’s Firestorm cooking marshmallows with his own hair! This cracks me up! Check out Alex M. Clark on his own blog and Twitter. Support Firestorm (and Alex M. Clark)! Fan the flame!

Adorable FOREVER EVIL Firestorm by Nekemeko

Okay, so the art below is adorable, but the subject matter is disturbing (if you’ve read Forever Evil #3). I’m conflicted! Click to enlarge. I’ve decided. It’s adorable! Great job by Nekemeko on the artwork! They labeled it, “They are more like Angry Birds.” Ha! Support Firestorm (and Nekemeko)! Fan the flame!

Super-Cute Super Powers Firestorm Art Card by Kevin Bolk

Check out this absolutely adorable Firestorm Super Powers art card by Kevin Bolk! It’s so freakin’ cute!!!!!! If you like the Firestorm above, and you’re broken if you don’t, check out Kevin’s collection of fun Super Powers art cards!  Keep up with Kevin Bolk via his deviantART page, his website, Tumblr, and on Twitter! Support […]

Get Your Own Parody Comic Book Portrait!

Artist Billy Penn (Hot Shot & Mighty Girl, Savage Dragon) is currently running a special on Parody Comic Book Portraits! Click the advertisement below to enlarge. For Father’s Day 2009, my wife commissioned Billy to draw a parody comic book cover featuring me. Billy created the brilliant homage to Flash #123 (Sept. 1961) you see […]

Slipknot Triumphant!

For those who listen to THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST, this fun drawing should make perfect sense! My thanks to the artist Corey Hodgdon (@hyeroc on Twitter)! Brilliantly funny! Click the image to enlarge. Support Firestorm (and Slipknot)! Fan the flame!

Firestorm in Zingers

There was a DC Comics fanzine that ran from 1997 to 2003 called Fanzing. The fanzine featured funny comic strips called “Zingers”. Below is one by Erik Burnham featuring our favorite Nuclear Man. Enjoy! Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Fury of Flintstone by Matt Fagan

Check out this fun mash-up of Firestorm the Nuclear Man and Fred Flintstone! It’s the Fury of Flintstone by Matt Fagan! This painting is for sale over an Etsy. Here is how artist Matt Fagan described the painting: This mash-up is a riff on my favorite comic book from my teenage years, THE FURY OF […]

Super Heroes Have Issues Too t-shirt

Fellow match-head Patrick Wait recently spotted this humorous t-shirt at Kohl’s.  You can also order it from My Tee Spot. It’s hard to make out the design from the image above, so I found this other image online.  Apparently they don’t make the white version anymore, but the design is essentially the same as the […]

Fury of the Fistbump

Below you’ll find a parody of Ethan Van Sciver’s cover to THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #1.  This parody originally appeared on 4Chan under a thread called, “We draw shitty MS paint covers of the new 52.”   It was picked up by Bleeding Cool and then forwarded to me by fellow match-head […]

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