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Dearest Firestorm (Love, Multiplex) song by Bryce Jensen

Firestorm and Multiplex

Today we’re featuring an unusual and hilarious item – a song about Firestorm the Nuclear Man!  The SpinTunes blog started a song-writing competition back in June. The first round challenge was called, “I’m A Marvel, And I’m A DC”.  Contestants had to write a song from the point-of-view of a superhero or supervillian. All of these song entries were then combined into a single 23-track album.

Bryce Jensen wrote the comical song, Dearest Firestorm (Love, Multiplex).  You should be able to play the song through the embedded player below.  If you’re unable to use the embedded player below, please click here to visit the relevant SpinTunes page.

<a href="">Dearest Firestorm (Love, Multiplex) by Spintown Tunes</a>

Here are the lyrics for you to follow along:

Since that day back at the plant we’ve been the worst of foes
The silly hero/villain thing always brings us to blows
Finally we’ve realized just what you mean to us
We’ve fallen for both of you and it’s time we made a fuss

Maybe Ron and Marty act as if neither is keen
But when you get together you make one big flamin’ queen
We can tell you’re into us, you just can’t hide what’s true
So bring yourselves right over and we’ll get into you two

We could catch a movie (oh yeah)
And dinner would be groovy (oh yeah)
Go site-seeing at juvie (oh yeah)
Hey, whatever turns you on

If you’d only search your souls, you two would surely see
That you and you are truly meant for me and me and me

Don’t let our appearance fool you, we’re still dear old Dan
And we’ll love you in ways you never could be by one man
Secrecy is fine if you can’t set ego aside
But when we’re all together you’ll swallow more than your pride

There’s a place we could go (oh yeah)
To keep it on the down low (oh yeah)
And no one ever need know (oh yeah)
Just think of us when we’re gone (oh yeah)

If you’d only search your souls, you two would surely see
That you and you are truly meant for me and me and me
And me and me and me and me and me

Wasn’t that freakin’ hilarious!  I received a quick note from the song writer wanting to reassure FIRESTORM FAN readers that this song was simply meant to be a bit of fun.  It was not meant to mock or disrespect the characters or their fans at all.

Be sure to check out the entire “I’m A Marvel, And I’m A DC” SpinTunes album by clicking here.  Some other favorites from this album include:

Fun stuff! Be sure to check them out!

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  1. Firestormfan89 says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this little diddy. It was mildly humorous in a “Harold & Kumar” sorta way. Funniest bit is at the end of the song … and me and me and me and me.

  2. Spintown says:

    Thanks for promoting Bryce’s song & the SpinTunes contest. I hope the Firestorm fans appreciate the hard work he put into the song.

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