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Super Muppets

After seeing Muppets Most Wanted last weekend with my daughter, and then this fantastic “Super Puppets” artwork by Gregg Schigiel… I want a JLA Muppets movie right now!!! Love this so much! Firestorm looks like such a happy puppet!! Click the image to visit Gregg’s site. Support Firestorm (and Gregg Schigiel)! Fan the flame!

Silhouette Art by Steve Garcia – Massive Blog Crossover

Inspiring Artwork and a Blog Crossover?!?! Two great tastes that taste great together! 22 different blogs have joined forces today to celebrate the eye-catching silhouettes produced by artist Steve Garcia! Below you’ll find striking images of our favorite Nuclear Man and his Frigid Foe! These would make great posters! Finally, here is a Firestorm silhouette wallpaper! […]

Alex M Clark Art – Marshmallows by the Firestorm

Alex M. Clark recently posted on his blog this super-fun image! It’s Firestorm cooking marshmallows with his own hair! This cracks me up! Check out Alex M. Clark on his own blog and Twitter. Support Firestorm (and Alex M. Clark)! Fan the flame!

Adorable FOREVER EVIL Firestorm by Nekemeko

Okay, so the art below is adorable, but the subject matter is disturbing (if you’ve read Forever Evil #3). I’m conflicted! Click to enlarge. I’ve decided. It’s adorable! Great job by Nekemeko on the artwork! They labeled it, “They are more like Angry Birds.” Ha! Support Firestorm (and Nekemeko)! Fan the flame!

Element Lad vs Firestorm

Check out this fun fan piece of Element Lad versus Firestorm! Makes for a clever match-up! Given my recent speculation about Justice League 3000, this fight gives me pause for thought. Art by Peter Temple and Mark Brown. Thanks to Lil’ Russell Burbage (from the United Planets) for directing me towards this piece! Support Firestorm! Fan the […]

Teenager Draws Firestorm Incarnations

Check this out! Awesome fan art featuring nearly every incarnation of Firestorm! I absolutely love it! Click the image to enlarge! The artist is a teenager from Mexico named Jules Suarez. A teenager!! How cool is that?!?! First of all, I don’t know a lot of teenage fans of Firestorm. Second, if his art is […]

Scott Clark Memorial Video

Scott Clark, the amazing penciller who contributed the Firestorm-centric pages to Brightest Day, passed away rather suddenly in early 2013. Scott worked on a variety of high-profile books, including: X-Men, Batman Inc, Alpha Flight, Grifter, Stormwatch, Adventure Comics, Wonder Woman, and Brightest Day, just to name a few. Dave Beaty, Scott’s long-time inker and creative collaborator, created this a […]

Firestorm with.. Snake Eyes & Lion-O?! It’s 1986 all over again!

Check out this amazing 1980s cartoon jam sketch!! It features Snake Eyes (from G.I. Joe) by Robert Atkins, Firestorm (from Super Friends) by Peter Nguyen, and Lion-O (from Thundercats) by Freddie E. Williams II! I’m in a sugar-coma of 80s chocolaty goodness!!! Click the image to enlarge. Then scroll down.. there’s more!! This jam sketch was […]

Superhero Sticky Notes with Lunch!

Over on Instagram, Brent Almond is sharing adorable superhero sticky notes he includes with his preschoolers lunch. Check out the Firestorm sticky note from a few weeks ago! You can find many more sticky notes at SuperLunchNotes on Instagram. Below are a few more examples. So creative and fun! Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Firestorm by John Byrne

Check out this cool Firestorm commission sketch by John Byrne from 2007!! Feels very reminiscent of Al Milgrom’s original work on the character. This sketch can be found on John Byrne’s forum, Byrne Robotics. In the same thread, Byrne was asked if he had any affinity for Firestorm. Here is his response: I can think […]

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