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Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost – Fan Art by BossLogic

Check out this amazing fan art by BossLogic of Danielle Panabaker as Killer Frost! She looks dangerous and sexy at the same time! In case you haven’t been paying attention, Danielle Panabaker plays Caitlin Snow on the hit show The Flash. Caitlin Snow is the secret identity of Killer Frost in DC Comics’ New 52. […]

Happy Halloween!

Check out Aaron “Brother Head” Moss’s pumpkin! Way to represent the Nuclear Man! Keep up with Aaron “Brother Head” Moss on his podcasts and his blog! Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Firestorm New 52 fan art by John Gallagher

Wow! Check out this amazing piece of fan art by John Gallagher (UncannyKnack on deviantART)! Really stunning! Also, it’s rare to find fan art of Ronnie Raymond in his New 52 “Firestorm Protocols” costume. According to John, “The New 52 seems to have half a dozen costumes floating around so I did an amalgam of […]

Pat Broderick sketch of Captain Atom vs Firestorm

Check out this cool new Pat Broderick piece featuring Firestorm vs Captain Atom! Prints are available right now over on ebay! Want more Pat artwork? Then attend the Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio on September 26-28! Also, be sure to head over to Pat’s website and check out his creator-owned series, Nibiru and the Legend of the […]

Chris Daughtry painting of Firestorm

Check out this Firestorm painting by superstar musician Chris Daughtry! How cool is this?!? Daughtry recently posted this to his Instagram account mentioning he painted it back in 2008 and was a big Firestorm fan in his younger years. It’s always great to find another Firestorm fan! Welcome to the Match-head club, Daughtry! You can […]

Pat Broderick sketches for Heroes Convention this weekend!

Check out these brand new Pat Broderick Firestorm sketches! These are pre-con sketches available at the Heroes Convention in Charlotte this weekend! Find Pat himself in Artists Alley, booth #1810! Also, be sure to head over to Pat’s website and check out his creator-owned series, Nibiru and the Legend of the Annunaki! Wow! Pat is […]

Father’s Day Firestorm

Check out this adorable Firestorm drawn on the back of Doug Zawisza’s Father’s Day card from his 13 year old! So cute! Support Firestorm (and Father’s Day)! Fan the flame!    

Pied Piper in Fury of Firestorm #5 by Nekemeko

We’re getting spoiled with all this adorable Firestorm artwork by Nekemeko! This time he’s paying homage to Pied Piper vs our favorite Nuclear Man in the Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #5! Click the image below to enlarge. For previous Nekemeko Firestorm artwork, check out his Forever Evil and Crisis on Infinite Earths homages! If you want […]

Disney & Firestorm Mash-up with Goofy, Elsa and Jiminy by James Silvani

I love this convention sketch by James Silvani so much! It features a very clever mash-up between Firestorm and Disney characters! Goofy is playing the role of Ronnie Raymond, Jiminy Cricket is playing the role of Professor Martin Stein, and Elsa the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen is playing Killer Frost! Click the image to enlarge! […]

Mark Bagley Firestorm Sketch

Check out this recent Mark Bagley convention sketch done for Match-head Roy Cleary! I love Bagley’s work. His Thunderbolts was so much fun! Love that series! At the same convention Roy had the chance to meet Dan Jolley and Jamal Igle too! Sounds like a Firestorm-filled show to me! While there I imagine Roy was hunting for another […]

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