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Disney & Firestorm Mash-up with Goofy, Elsa and Jiminy by James Silvani

I love this convention sketch by James Silvani so much! It features a very clever mash-up between Firestorm and Disney characters! Goofy is playing the role of Ronnie Raymond, Jiminy Cricket is playing the role of Professor Martin Stein, and Elsa the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen is playing Killer Frost! Click the image to enlarge!

Disney & Firestorm Mash-up featuring Elsa from Frozen as Killer Frost, Goofy as Ronnie Raymond, and Jiminy Cricket as Professor Stein - art by James Silvani

This sketch comes from the collection of die-hard match-head Philip Rutledge (a.k.a. Count Comics)! He picked this up at the Emerald City Comic Con 2014.

Artist James Silvani really knocked this one out of the park! It’s cute, clever, and works on so many levels!! Silvani is best known for his work on Boom’s Darkwing Duck series a few years ago. Keep up with James Silvani on his website, his blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

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  1. Very nice! Elsa definitely had comic-like ice powers in Frozen…which is a great film. I still like it, despite my wife and daughter singing “Let It Go” for the past 6 months!

    Goofy as Ronnie…is that a slam? I can’t tell. Jiminy as Prof. Stein is inspired.


  2. Kelson says:


    Ever since seeing Frozen (thanks for putting the song back in my head) I’ve wanted to see a team-up between Elsa, Frozone, Ice Man, Killer Frost, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, and any other cold-based characters I can think of.

    1. Shag says:

      Hey Kelson! Here is a start on your wish. From Justice League Adventures #12…

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