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Legends of Tomorrow comic in stores next Wednesday!

Get ready! Be sure to reserve your copy of the Legends of Tomorrow #1 comic in stores next Wednesday, March 16! The Firestorm story is written by Gerry Conway, art by Eduardo Pansica & Rob Hunter, with a cover by Aaron Lopresti! The comic features three other stories as well, for a total of 80 pages at $7.99. With each story getting 20 pages, that essentially works out as four different comics at $1.99 a piece. Not bad at today’s prices!

The long wait is finally over! Gerry Conway writing Firestorm again! Hooray!!

Legends of Tomorrow #1

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  1. SDF-7 says:

    A few thoughts after reading the digital version (not too spoiler-iffic):

    + Love Milgrom Field, Broderick Blvd, and Kayanan Drive — nice call out to your compatriots, Gerry!

    + Nice that Multiplex is presumably going to be a big deal in the story. Anyone coming because of the LOT show would probably know him from Flash and if this does get a new era of Firestorm stories going, it is appropriate for Multiplex to be the first real adversary.

    + Much as I would have been fine with Gerry just tossing current continuity Firestorm out and doing something more Claaasic, he rolls with it nicely. Enough snark between Ronnie and Jason to keep that dynamic, but not to the point where you really think they hate each other. Much more of a brothers dynamic in this issue than buddies — they know each other, are stuck with each other and mostly get along… but can rib each other better than anyone too. Loved the trailing in the distance with “Shut up!” “No, you shut up!”

    + Is the ending a little bit of a callback to Brightest Day, or is it just me? Maybe Gerry wanted to explore that a bit — or maybe this is just a tool to shake up the continuity. We’ll see.

    Hopefully the rest of the book is tolerable… pricey for a Firestorm story, but that’s really all I bought it for!

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