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Legends of Tomorrow comic in stores next Wednesday!

Get ready! Be sure to reserve your copy of the Legends of Tomorrow #1 comic in stores next Wednesday, March 16! The Firestorm story is written by Gerry Conway, art by Eduardo Pansica & Rob Hunter, with a cover by Aaron Lopresti! The comic features three other stories as well, for a total of 80 pages at […]

New Gerry Conway Firestorm Comic Announced for March!

Last Friday DC announced an upcoming anthology comic series featuring Firestorm! That’s right! Firestorm is back in comics… and being written by Gerry Conway! Legends of Tomorrow #1 (shipping in March) is an 80-page anthology comic featuring four different stories! Below you’ll find the cover to the issue by Aaron Lopresti! Click here for the official announcement! More details […]

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