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Futures End Teaser – Firestorm is a Woman?!?!

Two weeks ago, DC Comics ran a series of teasers for upcoming issues of The New 52: Futures End. These appeared the same week as the premier episode of The Flash and the announcement of Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein. Those major distractions explain why we missed this Firestorm bombshell. Click the image below to enlarge!

New 52 Futures End Teaser - Firestorm Female

That’s right, looks like Firestorm will become a woman in the possible future of The New 52: Futures End! To see the entire six page teaser, head over to The Nerdist. Just speculating here, but Ronnie Raymond has been getting pretty chummy with Madison Payne. Perhaps this is Madison in control of the Nuclear Wo-Man’s form?? For answers, stay tuned for more of Tim Wallace’s monthly coverage of The New 52: Futures End! 

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  1. Super stoked to see FIRESTORM on THE FLASH, but maybe getting a little tired of DC changing the sex and/or race of a character and thinking it’s exciting – they need to remember that good stories are even more exciting.

    Cheers, and keep up the good work FF


  2. I know Shag is now very confused. He finds Firestorm “hot”.


  3. I’m not too bothered by making Firestorm a woman, but if this comes at the replacing of one of the current duo, I’m surprised to find myself saying that I’d rather it be Ronnie, and keep Jason.

    New52 has actually made me actively dislike Ronnie. That never used to be the case before….

  4. Dyops says:

    There is already a female Firestorm. She’s called Firehawk. I miss her. :-(

  5. Spinks says:

    Sigh… DC will probably create another problem here. Remember when they didn’t want to put Firestorm in the animated Justice League series? One of the reasons was they didn’t want to create confusion with the relaunch of Ronnie+Jason… Hopefully, they don’t feel this way anymore. Confusion can create positive attention.


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