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Custom Mego Firestorm in Development – Part 2!

Time for an update on the Firestorm custom Mego action figure being created for me by Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter)! Click here for the card art we previously shared.

Mark has been acquiring pieces and begun assembly. In fact, he’s already finished Firestorm’s very first look as he appeared immediately after he received his powers way back in Firestorm the Nuclear Man #1 (1977). Check it out! Ha!

Firestorm custom Mego

In all seriousness, Mark has started fabricating clothes and assembling the costume. Here are a couple shots of Firestorm’s costume as a work in progress!

Firestorm custom Mego action figure - work in progress

Firestorm custom Mego action figure - Work in Progress

Mark has also built these cool stickers for his emblem and glove gauntlets!

Firestorm custom Mego action figure - work in progress

My thanks to Mark for crafting such a cool looking figure and for sharing the creative process with us! We’ll keep posting updates as Mark progresses on this awesome figure!

If you’re not familiar with Markneto’s astonishing custom work, visit his blog or “Like” his Facebook page. For another example, check out his amazing custom Mego Doctor Fate (given to me by my generous friend and FIRE & WATER PODCAST co-host Rob Kelly).

Support Firestorm (and Markneto)! Fan the flame!

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  1. Peter Brownsey says:

    Your modifications are fantastic the way you made proper clothes for him make your figure mega superior to the plastic ones.

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