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Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

Okay, this is only marginally about Firestorm, but humor me as my birthday is this weekend. Today we’re looking at an incredibly thoughtful birthday present I received from Rob Kelly, my co-host for THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST and webmaster of The Aquaman Shrine!

Obviously I’m nutso for Firestorm, but I’m also a freak for Doctor Fate. Yup, I dig The Ankh Avenger! … okay, no one calls him The Ankh Avenger but me, just deal with it … For my birthday Rob commissioned this amazing custom action figure of Doctor Fate in the classic Mego style! How cool is this?!?!?!

Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

Rob mailed this to me last week. I had absolutely no idea and was floored when I opened the package! Just look at this super-cool figure and custom card artwork!

Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

The quality of Doctor Fate’s helmet often makes or breaks an action figure, and in this case it definitely makes it!

Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

This custom card artwork knocks me out! In addition to replicating the Mego action figure card, you’ve got: The Immortal Doctor Fate logo from the reprint mini-series in the 80s, the FIRE AND WATER ACTION HEROES logo, a Walt Simonson drawn Doctor Fate, Chuck Patton drawn Aquaman, Slipknot by someone (anyone know?), Paris Cullins drawn Blue Devil, and an Al Milgrom drawn Firestorm! Someone threw a party and invited all my favorites!

Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

Below you’ll find the back of the card! More gorgeous Doctor Fate artwork, this time by Shawn McManus! Then inserted is a classic Who’s Who entry for The Ankh Avenger! Sweet!

Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

Wow! Such an amazing and generous gift! My eternal thanks go out to Rob! THANK YOU!

Since you’re already messing around on the internet, please visit the blog of Mark Sautter, the creator of this Doctor Fate custom Mego action figure. He features lots of other really cool custom Mego figures! Check it out!

Lastly, if you are a Doctor Fate fan, be sure to check out The Tower of Fate blog dedicated to The Ankh Avenger!

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