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Custom Mego Firestorm in Development – Part 1!

So excited about this! Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter) is working on a custom Mego Firestorm for me! If you’re not familiar with Markneto’s astonishing custom work, visit his blog or “Like” his Facebook page. For another example, check out his amazing custom Mego Doctor Fate (given to me by my generous friend and FIRE & WATER PODCAST co-host Rob Kelly).

From time to time, Markneto will provide us with updates on the process of creating this custom Mego Firestorm. He’s already jumped in and created the custom card art (see below). The front is based upon the original house ad promoting Firestorm’s debut (technically, the house ad was his first appearance in a comic)! Mark clearly knows his audience as the back image includes Doctor Fate, Blue Devil, and Slipknot!

Markneto's custom Mego Firestorm action figure card

Can’t wait for further updates from Markneto! Please help spread the word about Markneto’s gorgeous custom work!

Support Firestorm (and Markneto)! Fan the flame!

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    Wolfgang – Check your e-mail.

  2. […] Time for an update on the Firestorm custom Mego action figure being created for me by Markneto (a.k.a. Mark Sautter)! Click here for the card art we previously shared. […]

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