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Elemental Firestorm Promoted in DC Direct Currents #16

A few months ago we ran the back cover of Direct Currents #16 from May 1989. Turns out that back cover was a tie-in with an article within that issue.

Check out this cool promotional blurb from Direct Currents #16 about the coming of the Elemental Firestorm! Click the image to enlarge!

Direct Currents #16 featuring the Elemental Firestorm

Man, I love me some Elemental Firestorm! That piece makes we want to break out those issues and read them all over again!

If you aren’t familiar with Direct Currents, they were a free promotional magazine containing approximately 8 pages soliciting the titles being released by DC Comics that month. My local comic shop didn’t typically carry Direct Currents, so it was always a treat to find one in other shops.

My thanks to Michael Bailey of the Fortress of Baileytude sending this scan my way!

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  1. James says:

    When I was young, I was never really a fan of this era, as it was too “serious” IMO. Now that I have an open mind, maybe I’ll check it out again.

  2. Martin Stein Returns says:

    I kept reading it to keep up with the supporting cast but I never cared for the central character. He was Human Torch with an attitude problem. I kept thinking, “since when are plain old fire powers an improvement over *molecular transmutation* powers?”

    The cover to #94, though… best cover ever.

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