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Firestorm News from San Diego Comic-Con

Dan Jurgens, writer and penciller on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men starting with issue #13 in October, appeared last Friday on a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. According to Newsarama, during the “DC Comics – The New 52″ panel Dan Jurgens said,

“We’re going to take Firestorm back to being one character again.”

“We’ll concentrate on Jason and Ronnie’s relationship and what it means for two people to share one body.”

Well, there you have it Match-heads! We suspected it from the solicitation artwork, but this confirms that Ronnie and Jason will act as one Firestorm going forward! Spread the word to classic Firestorm fans that haven’t been following the current series. Let’s get them to pick up the book starting with issues #0 and #13!

On a barely-related note… below you’ll find a panel from Booster Gold vol II #1 (Oct. 2007) written by Geoff Johns, with art by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund. Notice the top right-hand section of the chalkboard. And after that, notice that Rip Hunter’s white chalk draws black. Weird.

Booster Gold vol II #1 by Geoff Johns and Dan Jurgens

I find the panel above somewhat ironic. Geoff Johns wrote this Booster Gold comic, and later went on to write Firestorm in Brightest Day (with Ronnie & Jason together as a single Firestorm). Norm Rapmund helped ink several issues of The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men (with Ronnie and Jason as independent Firestorms). Finally, Dan Jurgens did the layouts for this panel, and now he’s taking over Fury of Firestorm (with Ronnie and Jason together as a single Firestorm). It’s like the creative talent that developed this panel have come full circle!

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  1. Luke says:

    Maybe the colorist was going for it being a dry erase board? Or maybe it’s a “smart board” like you see in schools?

    Or… uh… I don’t know?

  2. Raul Cotto: Verified says:

    this is cool news! i caught wind of this over the weekend. I’m a newer firestorm reader so this new series and brightest day is all i really know. with that, I like having two firestorms to make fury cuz it reminds of old power rangers or even captain planet!

    Here’s the thing; I’ve been a little lost with the current series. Although I have enjoyed it, its been all over the place for me. Dan Jurgens is a brilliant writer from Death of Supes to Booster Gold. Dan took a subject like time travel (which has always been hard to grasp for me) and made it very accessible. He knows how to tell a story too. There are moments in Booster Gold when the story was overwhelmed with characters but, he always brought it back to a status quo. I think it was the last episode of FWPodcast when Shagg said there isn’t a home base for Firestorm. It’s true! It’s an ongoing epic. I think it’s important to develop a status quo or home base.

    All in all, I’m excited to see where this goes!

    Raul Cotto: Verified

  3. Leenovak16 says:

    So far everything I have heard about Jurgens’ take on Firestorm has been positive. I saw a tweet over the weekend where he had said soemthing to the effect of “taking it back to a fun, teenager book”. I think the “fun” aspect of that is a key part of why a lot of us love Firestorm in the first place, and it’s been missing for quite a while. (I enjoy the current book, but I don’t think anyone would mistake it for “fun”)

    Also, white chalk, but draws black. Hmmm. I am looking forward to next year’s epic event, “Crisis Across Infinite Chalkboards”.

  4. outburst says:

    That’s an interesting panel. Reminds of the blast doors scene in Lost, which I loved.

    And about the chalkboard, maybe it’s a stylus pen with two massive tablet-style screens. It could technically draw in any colour and for a book about a guy who travels the timestream, that may not be too odd.

  5. Jon says:

    I love Dan so much right now 😀

  6. Keith Samra says:

    I really hope Dan writes it so that sometimes we get Ronnie in the drivers seat and others its Jason. Though it makes sense that Jason be the “floaty head” because of his intellect, but when you have 2 different Firestorms sharing one body… It makes for 2 different action figures!

    Aside from the action figure aspect, there is the 2 different personalities involved. Ronnie is more Kool and a jock, while Jason is very smart and well spoken. kind of like Savage Green Hulk & Mr Fixit Grey Hulk.

    Lastly I really want to know what happened to Prof. Stein. Technically in the New52 he didnt die at in Brightest Day, so I really want to know, is he eternally stuck disembodied in the Firestorm Matrix Universe or will he pop out at some stage???

  7. Martin Stein RIP says:

    I completely echo Keith’s sentiment. I too hope that Jason is sometimes in the driver’s seat. I too hope to get some resolution for Prof. Stein, even if it means I have to change my tag.

    “On a barely related note…”: best segue ever.

  8. Bill says:

    So we are back to square one.. Firestorm is the embodiment of peter pan syndrome. Always the character who if he grasped the true power he holds could be the biggest threat in the universe, but he is always reset before he comes close to realizing his full potential.

    I hope Dan gives us something to do other than beat up on slipknot or plastique. I read that comic in the 80’s..

    I want the Anti Monitor Fight from Brightest Day, I want the saving Aquaman and suggesting he could turn the top two inches of soil on the earth into water from the JLA Obsidian Age firestorm.. Lets show some teeth

  9. Keith Samra says:

    You have some very intrigueing ideas there Bill. What I really want is some light hearted fun in the book! Remember when comics were fun?

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