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BREAKING NEWS: New Firestorm mini-series by Gerry Conway in 2016

OFFICIAL: There will be a new Firestorm six-issue mini-series written by co-creator Gerry Conway coming in 2016! Full details over on USA Today! Here are a few of the quotes from the article: “By bringing them on to their own special limited series, we’re really spotlighting what’s so fantastic about these characters,” says Bob Harras, […]

BREAKING NEWS! Professor Martin Stein Coming to CW’s The Flash!

Professor Martin Stein will be coming to CW’s upcoming television series, The Flash! This announcement follows the news on July 9th that Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond. With no sign of Jason Rusch, when Firestorm eventually appears on the show it seems likely he’ll be the classic configuration. The news about Stein […]

BREAKING NEWS! Robbie Amell is Ronnie Raymond on THE FLASH

Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond in the upcoming CW television show THE FLASH! Pinch yourself Match-heads, this is for real!!!! The news has appeared in LOTS of places, but here are a few to check out: Variety The Hollywood Reporter TV Guide Comic Book Resources From the TV Guide article: The Tomorrow […]

Deathstorm’s role in FOREVER EVIL confirmed

The following contains spoilers for the upcoming mini-series Forever Evil.  If you don’t wish to be spoiled, don’t continue reading. … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE … You’ve been warned.  Seriously. … SPOILER SPACE … … SPOILER SPACE […]

Deathstorm Confirmed for Forever Evil… plus I rant for a bit

A while back we reported rumors that Deathstorm might make his way to DC’s New 52. Well, we can now confirm Deathstorm’s return in the upcoming Forever Evil mini-series. DC Comics has released a preview for the first issue of the Forever Evil mini-series by Geoff Johns and David Finch.  You can find all five […]

Firestorm in Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense

A new video game was released for the iPhone and iPad yesterday entitled, “Justice League: Earth’s Final Defense”. In this game, you can play the New 52 versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, or the Flash. According to Pocket Gamer, Playing as the New52 revisions of the heroes, you punch and kick your […]

Firestorm News from San Diego Comic-Con

Dan Jurgens, writer and penciller on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men starting with issue #13 in October, appeared last Friday on a panel at the San Diego Comic-Con. According to Newsarama, during the “DC Comics – The New 52″ panel Dan Jurgens said, “We’re going to take Firestorm back to being one character […]

MORE NEWS: More Rumors About Gail Leaving & Firestorm #6 Solicit

Alright match-heads, I know just yesterday I reported that Gail Simone was staying on the Firestorm book.  Well… another rumor has popped up that Gail is leaving Firestorm.  According to Bleeding Cool, Gail Simone will be leaving The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men in March.  That translates to issue #7.  As we saw yesterday, […]

NEWS: Van Sciver, Simone, Cinar, Collections, and More!

Howdy Match-heads! It’s been a busy week for Firestorm news! Here is a quick recap of some Nuclear News… Yildiray Cinar, current Firestorm artist, posted a rockin’ new teaser image promoting issue #3! This image is similar to the teaser images released prior to issue #1 and #2. Could this be the new villain called […]

NEWS: Gail’s still writing Firestorm and read issue #2 now!

I don’t normally post on Saturday but some news broke yesterday and I simply couldn’t wait! First… yesterday Gail Simone confirmed in a roundabout way that she’s still writing Firestorm!  You may recall there was a rumor going around that she quit the book.  Neither Gail nor Ethan Van Sciver had confirmed or denied the […]

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