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  1. liquidcross says:

    I’m wondering if the tunnel effect on the new logo is significant.

  2. CT says:

    I think my favorite of all of them is the one that ran from issues 83-85. Although the one right before it is pretty cool, too.

  3. Firestormfan89 says:

    My favorite is the wavy logo from vol2 #1-12. Those were the comics that got me hooked on Firestorm after following him to his own series from the Flash comic backups.

  4. Spinks says:

    “The logo below appeared on The Fury of Firestorm vol 2 #13-49. For me, this is the classic Fury of Firestorm logo.”

    Hands down–for me–this logo is the best too. Similiar to the previous ones, different enough to stand out.

    Man, lots of logos changes over the years. Didn’t think it was this many.

    About the new one, I like it. Feels post-modern-ish. A bit of computer techish. Maybe it will stay around for a while.


  5. Frank says:

    It reminds me of the aesthetic of the Tangent event books, which I thought looked great. Kind of retro Eurocentric vibe. I never cared for that first ’70s logo, but it isn’t objectively bad, and Firestorm seems to have had consistently solid logos. I especially like the stark logo from 55-58 and the two from Vol. II.

  6. Shag says:

    Frank – Good call on the similarities with the Tangent logos! I’ve been having a hard time putting my finger on it, and that’s exactly it! This certainly isn’t a bad thing, just an observation.

    My thanks to everyone for the comments!

  7. Dan says:

    I liked the Jason Rusch logo, but hated the nuclear symbol – it just looked like an after thought to the design.

    The latest one is easily the best – looking forward to the new series!

  8. Robert Gross says:

    I agree that the latest one is the best one.

  9. Martin Stein RIP says:

    I hope the current logo survives the upcoming reboot on the book.

  10. […] I really dig this Firestorm logo! It graced the covers of The Fury of Firestorm vol 2 #1-12 from 1982-1983. Personally, I refer to this logo as the “wavy logo”. For complete review of Firestorm logos, check out this post from a couple years ago. […]

  11. terry marks says:

    Didn’t know the top logo hit the blogosphere. I designed it, so thanks for the input and posting it!

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