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Deathstorm Figurine Collection Magazine

DC Comics Blackest Night Figurine Collection Magazine #11 featuring Deathstorm is solicited in the current issue of Previews for shipping in August.  Be sure to pre-order this item from your local comic shop before the end of the month!

Deathstorm in DC Comics Blackest Night Figurine Collection Magazine #11

These 16-page collector magazines and figurines are produced by Eaglemoss Publications Ltd.  Here is the solicitation for the Blackest Night Collection:

The Blackest Night Collection expands upon the award-winning DC Comics Super Hero Collection. Aimed at fans of DC Comics and, in particular, the Green Lantern milieu, the Blackest Night Collection will focus on DC Comics’ 2009-2010 event, the best-selling Blackest Night and its follow-up Brightest Day. Each figurine will be a highly-detailed replica of the character at approximately 1/21-scale.

You may recall the same company published a similar magazine/figurine for Firestorm last year.  I was really impressed with Firestorm, so I look forward to this Deathstorm issue.

Many thanks to Frank Lee Delano (of the blogs: Martian Manhunter: Idol-Head of Diabolu, Justice League Detroit, Atom: Power of the Atom, Wonder Woman: Diana Prince, DC Bloodlines, and …nurgh…) for the heads-up on this product.  Thanks, Frank!

Given the upcoming changes to Firestorm, it’s kinda weird to think of Deathstorm as part of the “old continuity” especially considering how recently he was introduced to the Firestorm mythos.  I guess that’s just something we’ll all have to get used to.

Don’t forget to pre-order this item from your local comic shop before the end of the month!

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  1. liquidcross says:

    Eh, Deathstorm was wasted even in the “old” continuity anyway. Could be worse!

    What exactly is in those collector mags, anyway, other than the figurine?

  2. Shag says:

    @liquidcross – Check out the link below for example pages from the collector magazines. They are pretty cool. I wouldn’t buy all of them, but I’ll be picking up Deathstorm and Blue Devil. I’m a sucker for anything with Blue Devil in it!

  3. Luke says:

    Shag, I don’t think you need to worry about Deathstorm going away any time soon. In an interview with Newsarama, Eddie Berganza and Bob Harras said that the majority of the old continuity was still around, and that most major stories (including Blackest Night and Brightest Day) happened. So Deathstorm and his torment of Ronnie and Jason is still “historically correct,” as it were, and I imagine that Deathstorm will be a recurring for the for the Nuclear Man.

  4. Frank says:

    Shag, I hope you just cut and paste all those links, because I’d feel awful if you typed them out each type.

    I’m not willing to pay $12-15 for a lead figurine and a thin magazine, especially when school keeps my monthly comics budget in the $20-30 range. However, if you like a given character, they’re a lot of fun in a “Wizard Magazine Special Edition” sort of way. The information is heavily geared toward the modern age, but the presentation is neat.

  5. liquidcross says:

    @Luke – Weren’t those comments re: BN/BD made specifically in reference to the GL titles? It seems that much of the DCU is getting some heavy rebooting…except for Geoff Johns’ biggest works.

  6. Luke says:

    @liquidcross, the interview I read stated that those stories “happened,” and did not specifically make mention of the GL stuff. Also, considering that Deathstorm was introduced in Blackest Night and fleshed out (ha!) in Brightest day, two of Johns’ biggest works, then I would imagine that he is indeed going to be sticking around.

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