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DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 – Firestorm Lead Figure

Just this past week DC Comics Superhero Collection Figurine Magazine #46 featuring Firestorm shipped to comic shops across the United States.  It’s been out for a while in the UK, but Diamond Comics Distributors just got their copies out a few days ago.  This publication includes a figurine of the featured character cast in lead, individually hand-painted and numbered.  It also comes with a 16-page magazine providing detailed history and background on the featured character.  It normally retails for about $14 and each issues features a different character.  I was very pleased when I heard they’d be dedicating an issue to ole match-head.  Below is the cover to the magazine.

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

Below you can see the magazine poly-bagged with the figurine.  The white circular sticker is a warning that if you get the lead figurine anywhere near your house your entire family will die an agonizing death.  Well… something like that.  Its lead folks, don’t put it in your mouth.

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

Below is a close-up of the lead figurine.  Dude, this thing is a work of beauty!  He’s about 3.75 inches tall, just a bit shorter than the recent Infinite Heroes action figure.  This is probably the most faithful representation of the Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein Firestorm costume ever produced for a figure.  The 1985 Super Powers figure and the 2004 DC Direct figure are probably the closest behind this lead figurine.  They got everything correct – chest emblem, gloves, boots, puffy sleeves, design on the briefs, even the headgear.  It looks great!  It’s just a shame it’s made from lead, rather than plastic or pewter.

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

The magazine itself provides a detailed history of Firestorm in all his incarnations.  Included are recaps of some classic Firestorm story lines, specifically Legends and Firestorm the Nuclear Man: Reborn (trade paperback collecting the post-One Year Later adventures). There is also a feature on the people who have united to become the Nuclear Man.  Finally, installment #37 of the DC Timeline covering 99 BC to 1 BC (not specific to Firestorm, but obviously a feature every issue of the magazine).

The magazine does a wonderful job breaking up the text with gorgeous images from Firestorm’s history.  I’ve provided a few snapshots below to give you a flavor of how the magazine looks.  Stephen Wiacek, writer of the articles, clearly knows his Firestorm history.  The only thing I found unusual was the disproportionate amount of time spent on the “Blank Slate” incarnation of Firestorm.  While I like the “Blank Slate” version, it was odd to see more space dedicated to him as compared to the Elemental version or Jason Rusch.

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

DC Comics Super Hero Collection #46 Firestorm

Overall this was a great purchase!  The figurine is fantastic and the magazine is an enjoyable read for Firestorm novices and experts.  If your local comic shop doesn’t have it in stock, ask if they can order it.  It’s worth your time and money.

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  1. outburst says:

    Looks good. I’ve never seen this collection before, but think I’ll try to grab this one.
    Just curious, what are your concerns about the lead? I know lead sets off fire alarms for kids toys but I figure this is more like a mini-statue and not to be played with. If I pick this up, it will probably sit right on top of my desk at work.

  2. DOug says:

    Got this one and the Cyborg one waiting for me at the LCS. Stupid ol’ Tuesday is in the way between me and Wednesday right now though. . .

    Nice coverage Shag!

  3. Shag says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Outburst – I’ve got two small kids. I’d love to get them little Firestorm figurines (they have action figures already), but the lead makes it a no-go issue. That’s all. Also the package has a HUGE warning about cancer and lead that will scare you silly.

    Doug – Those accursed Tuesdays… :)

  4. Chocotaco says:

    Thanks for the look inside the magazine. I didn’t realize that the layout was going to be as sharp as it is. I’d always assumed that, since the figure was the main draw, the magazine would probably be super-ghetto.

  5. Frank says:

    See, this kind of pisses me off. Firestorm gets an awesome old school cover and recolored art that spans his entire history. Martian Manhunter gets the umpteenth reuse of the relatively recent Alex Ross poster and intense coverage of the 1998 series up (with brief nods to JLofA & JLI.) Firestorm’s lead figure is characteristically cheerful and in a natural, triumphant stance. Martian Manhunter’s lead figure is in a crappy awkward Superman style chest-thrust/fists-on-hips pose with funky legs and an entirely too prominent Manpackage from Mars. Firestorm has his great… rogues… um… But Firestorm’s classic stories are… er… right. I guess you win some, you lose some. At least both of “Manhunter’s Classic Storylines” actually starred J’Onn J’Onzz and were really good, plus his “Allies & Enemies” were decent.

  6. Jon says:

    The whole package looks as good as I was hoping (actually, better). Mine will hopefully arrive from the UK later this week.

  7. rob! says:

    if you get the lead figurine anywhere near your house your entire family will die an agonizing death

    They should have put that on a sticker on the package. I spent a whole day rubbing my Aquaman lead figure all over my house and family!

  8. outburst says:

    Even with the lead, I think I have to have it. Just won’t keep it in the same house with my kids. Might replace the Hulk bobblehead I have at work, or at least accompany it. =)

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