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New Firestorm Ongoing Series: Facts and Speculation

Is there a new Firestorm ongoing series launching this September?  There is lots of big news coming out of DC Comics right now!  It’s a good time to cover the facts and speculation surrounding a possible new ongoing Firestorm series.

Firestorm ongoing series speculation



  • Bleeding Cool ran a story yesterday that Brian Clevinger (writer of 8-Bit Theater, Atomic Robo and Marvel Adventures) was slated to write a new Firestorm series scheduled to premiere in September. Bleeding Cool had planned to announce Clevinger’s involvement with the book, but instead published that Clevinger was no longer attached to the project.  Brian Clevinger’s Twitter messages on Tuesday back-up this story from Bleeding Cool.
  • Firestorm was featured very heavily in Brightest Day, one of DC’s recent best selling titles.  The Firestorm-related cliffhanger in Brightest Day #24 suggests we’ll see further adventures of Firestorm soon.
  • The timing of the 1970s Firestorm trade paperback brings up some interesting questions.  DC typically releases collections of old comics when it ties-in with a current title. A collection featuring old Firestorm issues could theoretically tie-in with a new Firestorm ongoing series.
  • Back in April, a supposed DC insider revealed several post-Brightest Day creative teams.  Amongst the books listed was Firestorm by Paul Cornell and Marco Rudy.
  • Back in September 2010, FIRESTORM FAN broke the news of a supposed Firestorm ongoing after Brightest Day.  While at an expo in Toronto, Firestorm fan Brandon Leonard was told by a certain creator from DC that he’d been offered a chance to write a new ongoing Firestorm comic. The creator indicated that he turned down the offer because he already had too many projects. The creator went on to say that a writer Brandon would love has accepted the assignment.

There you have the facts and speculation!  Based upon what I’ve seen, the Bleeding Cool story regarding Brian Clevinger appears to be true.  If so, then DC has been planning for a new Firestorm ongoing series to premiere in September!  Hopefully the project will move forward even though Brian Clevinger is no longer attached.

My thanks to Keith Baker, David Cross, Brandon Leonard, and Steve K for passing pieces of this information on to me!

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  1. Luke says:

    Personally, I think a Firestorm ongoing series is almost a given at this point. We have strong rumors of a Hawkman series, and pretty much a confirmed Aquaman series, two of the Nuclear Man’s costars in Brightest Day. Firestorm is clearly a character which Geoff Johns likes, and one which Jim Lee can design a snazzy new costume for. And the character is a youth-identification character who can be further exploited in cartoons and other kids media.

    Sounds to me like we’re both getting ongoings for our characters soon enough, Shag.

  2. rob! says:

    Not happy about a new Action #1 and (eventually, unless this all goes to pot super-fast) Detective #27. I feel like those are seminal, nay, historic, publications and shouldn’t be duplicated, ever.

    But at the same time, I am the type of aging fanboy that I think mainstream comics needs to get past if, as a medium, it is to survive. So maybe its time to re-think all that stuff.

  3. brandon leonard says:

    I cant wait for it to come out so i don’t look like a i made it up all over the interweb ahah

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