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Young Justice Preview featuring Killer Frost

I’m so jazzed!  Cartoon Network has released a six-minute preview of the new Young Justice cartoon!  The series premieres on November 26 at 7pm Eastern.  I loved the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series, so I can’t wait for Young Justice.

While the Nuclear Man hasn’t been listed amongst the guest-starring JLA members, we do get to see Aquaman and Aqualad fight Firestorm’s archenemy Killer Frost in this preview.  Check out two screen captures and the video below!

Killer Frost on Young Justice

Killer Frost on Young Justice

If you can’t view the embedded video above, please click here.

I can’t wait!!!

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  1. David H. says:

    goddamn! i finally figured out where the comments link is on this blog site. this Young Justice cartoon looks great! the animation is fantastic and in general it doesn’t come off as being low brow like Batman: brave and the bold. what a step backward sin quality that show is. by the way did i mention how much i liked that rogues gallery Killer Frost posting? a well assembled posting. Killer Frost looks great here too. they also did a great job with the character on the Justice League Unlimited.

  2. […] by Sarah Shahi.  Those of you with long memories may recall that Killer Frost also appeared in the pilot episode for YOUNG JUSTICE.  Below is the description for the “Terrors” episode: Batman assigns Superboy and Miss […]

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