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White Lantern Firestorm Cover on Brightest Day #8 Today

Be on the lookout today for this variant cover to Brightest Day #8 featuring White Lantern Firestorm!  Click the image to enlarge.

Brightest Day #8 Variant Cover with White Lantern Firestorm

Image found on the DC Comics Source Blog.  The description of the issue doesn’t mention Firestorm, but we can hope he’ll have something to do based upon the cover.

Writers Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi continue to turn up the pressure on our heroes, as the Hawks face separate danger in Hawkworld. Who is Queen Shrike? And Miss Martian aids the Martian Manhunter in making a startling discovery. All this while more clues surrounding the mysterious White Lantern are hinted at. Plus, where’d Deadman and Dove go?

I like Scott Clark and Dave Beaty’s White Lantern Firestorm better (from Brightest Day #7), but I’m thrilled that Firestorm got the cover!

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  1. Doug says:

    Where’s his mouth?!

  2. liquidcross says:

    I love the design of White Lantern Firestorm. The lack of mouth just adds to its mystery. (Besides, I don’t think a nuclear man needs to eat…)

    I agree that Scott Clark’s depiction was a bit better, but I prefer the coloring on this one. The appearance in Brightest Day #7 was, well, too bright. Some of the colors there were obscuring the linework, and that’s not the case here.

    I also like that the White Lantern uniforms have become a bit more subdued. The space disco outfits in Blackest Night #7-8 were ridiculous.

  3. outburst says:

    Doesn’t it kind of look like he’s sitting on a Firestorm tombstone?

  4. Andy C says:

    Kinda diggin’ the WL ‘storm look but the nose is too defined in this cover (in this pic, he looks like someone just forgot to draw the mouth). Should be more like a full face mask (ala Spider-Man) with just the eyes showing through.

    But more surprising than the WL Firestorm reveal in Brightest Day #7, is the fact no one here seems to be commenting on the event that occured in the panel that followed said reveal when WL Firestorm reverted back to “normal” Firestorm…. didn’t anyone but me notice the change? “Whoa” indeed (I won’t spell it out here so not to spoil it for those who haven’t read the issue yet).

  5. outburst says:

    I’m about two or three issues behind on Brightest Day. I’m getting a little tired of the one or two pages that he appears in every issue.

  6. Shag says:

    Andy – I totally noticed that, but didn’t want to bring it up directly. For those of you who haven’t read Brightest Day #7, you should really go check it out.


  7. alex says:

    I was looking for this collection I won both the Firestorm and aquaman variant but looking for the remaining 10 anyone know where I can get them from?

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