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DC Comics Bombshells Killer Frost Statue & Flash Cover

Killer Frost is getting the “bombshell” treatment! Check out below the DC Comics Bombshells Killer Frost Statue from DC Collectibles coming in Spring 2016! On the left you’ll find the inspiring artwork by Ant Lucia! Click to enlarge the image below. Based upon pre-orders, this statue will retail for around $99. Here is the product description: DC […]

Brightest Day #16 Variant Cover by Ivan Reis & Hi-Fi

Below you’ll find the Brightest Day #16 (late February 2011) variant cover with art by Ivan Reis and colors by Hi-Fi. Somehow in our Brightest Day coverage the past couple years we missed this gem. We featured a very basic colored version of this cover, but it didn’t do justice to the final product. What […]

Blackest Night #3 Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Reenacted with Action Figures

See what you can accomplish with too much time and too many action figures? Sometimes I frighten myself… Yes, I took the time to reenact the Blackest Night #3 variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver using action figures.  I’m not sure what possessed me, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Support […]

Brightest Day #22 Variant Cover by Ivan Reis

DC Comics has released the variant cover by Ivan Reis for Brightest Day #22.  Check out this gorgeous Deathstorm cover!  Great job by Ivan! Brightest Day #22 ships on March 16.  Based upon the cover, this could be the big fight between Firestorm and Deathstorm we’ve all been waiting for! Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Green Lantern Corps #57 Variant Cover

So Brightest Day #18 and Green Lantern Corps #56 both came out yesterday with no sign of the Nuclear Man anywhere.   … bummer … The solicitation for GLC #56 indicated Firestorm would be involved, but I guess that’s just lead-up for the following issue.  Check out the gorgeous variant cover by Ed Benes for Green […]

Brightest Day #2 Ivan Reis Variant Cover Original Art

Our good friend Jon at the Fizzit blog has once again supplied us with scans of some gorgeous original Firestorm art!  Today we’ll be looking at the creation of the Brightest Day #2 variant cover by Ivan Reis and a cool Blackest Night page. Jon owns several original Firestorm pages and has been kind enough […]

Brightest Day #11 Variant Cover Featuring Firestorm

DC Universe: The Source blog recently posted a variant cover for Brightest Day #11.  This Firestorm-centric cover is by David Finch and Scott Williams.  What a gorgeous piece of work! Does this mean Firestorm will face off against the Black Lantern Firestorm in Brightest Day #11?  Maybe, maybe not.  The covers for Brightest Day haven’t […]

White Lantern Firestorm Cover on Brightest Day #8 Today

Be on the lookout today for this variant cover to Brightest Day #8 featuring White Lantern Firestorm!  Click the image to enlarge. Image found on the DC Comics Source Blog.  The description of the issue doesn’t mention Firestorm, but we can hope he’ll have something to do based upon the cover. Writers Geoff Johns and […]

Firestorm on Brightest Day #2 Variant Cover

Looks like Firestorm and the Atom will be featured on the variant cover to Brightest Day #2 by Ivan Reis.  It’s a gorgeously painted cover with scrumptious coloring.  And I don’t use the word “scrumptious” lightly folks.  The image was posted in a DC Universe blog entry by Eddie Berganza, Brightest Day editor.   My thanks […]

Blackest Night #3 Variant Cover by Ethan Van Sciver

Check out this amazing Firestorm-related cover by Ethan Van Sciver!  This is the variant cover for Blackest Night #3 shipping in September, featured on In the foreground you’ve got a great shot of the Jason Rusch Firestorm.  Normally Firestorm’s eyes are opaque white, but here is good usage of showing the iris. Very effective […]

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