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Brightest Day Teaser and Solicitations

DC Comics released a Brightest Day teaser image on their blog yesterday.   Below you’ll find the Brightest Day teaser image, click to enlarge.

Brightest Day teaser image by Ivan Reis

Such a cool shot, and so full of clues!  Below I’ve zoomed in on Ronnie and Jason so you can get a better look at what they’re doing.

Brightest Day teaser featuring Ronnie Raymond and Jason Rusch by Ivan Reis


We see Ronnie and Jason working to either bury or uncover the Black Lantern Firestorm. Ronnie is standing on top of the rocks looking at the Black Lantern Firestorm, while Jason is on the ground standing in the shadows looking away from the Black Lantern Firestorm. Both Ronnie and Jason have flames around their heels. (There is also a shield and net near Jason’s foot, but I think that’s a clue for another character. I’m gonna ignore it for now.)


What are Ronnie and Jason doing?

  • Option 1: Ronnie and Jason are working together, rather than against each other, burying the Black Lantern Firestorm.  This could represent them working together to bury the past and put the tragedy of Gehenna behind them.
  • Option 2: Ronnie and Jason are working together, rather than against each other, to dig out the Black Lantern Firestorm.  This could represent them working together to fully explore the Firestorm matrix.
  • Option 3: Ronnie is burying the Black Lantern Firestorm, while Jason is uncovering the Black Lantern Firestorm.  If you look at the direction each character’s head is facing, an argument could be made for this interpretation.   Also, Ronnie is on top of the pile of rocks (as if he put the rocks there) and Jason is on the ground (as if he’s taking the rocks off).  This could represent Ronnie trying to bury what happened as the Black Lantern Firestorm, while Jason is trying to uncover the truth.

Why flames around their feet?

  • This could simply represent them as Firestorm.  More likely it represents something else.   Perhaps something to do with an “Achilles heel” and fire? I really don’t know.

Why is Ronnie on top of the pile of rocks while Jason is on the ground?

  • See Option 3 above.  Alternatively, this might represent that Ronnie is the person “on top” in the matrix, meaning he controls the body. Or it may mean nothing. I don’t think Jason in the shadows symbolizes anything.

What do y’all think?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!  By the way, I first became aware of this teaser image over on Luke’s Hawkman blog – thanks Luke!

*UPDATE* – Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, I read that this teaser image is an homage to an existing painting.  Click here to see the basis of this artwork.  With this knowledge it makes deducing the clues more difficult.  The fact that Ronnie and Jason were drawn to conform to the pre-set orientations of the characters in the original painting makes it all the more difficult to interpret.


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Brightest Day #9 (on sale Sept. 1) and Brightest Day #10 (on sale Sept. 15)
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Woo Hoo!  I’m looking forward to this story unfolding!

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  1. JT says:

    I’ve been studying this thing ALL day dude. Excellent points about the Firestorm stuff, and I honestly can’t pick which option I believe in yet. I do love these teasers though. As for the Shield and net they belong to the Qwardians or however thats spelled, that are after the net Boston “Deadman” Brand made when fighting the Anti-Monitor.

  2. Shig says:

    Careful there, Shag me boyo. You keep staring at the trees, and a forest is gonna come up and bite you on the keister. 😉

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