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Nuclear News – 2009-12-16 – Gerry Conway Interview, JLA, Vs The Senty, and other web findings

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News! Here are some news and web findings on our favorite hothead.

  • I guess the biggest news about Firestorm this week is my own.  Gerry Conway, co-creator of Firestorm and writer of the character for nine years, was kind enough to grant an interview for FIRESTORM FAN! He was super nice and extraordinarily generous with his time. Even though Mr. Conway has had an amazing and prolific career, we focused almost exclusively on Firestorm for the interview.  Once I get the audio edited and cleaned-up (read as: edit out tons of my fanboy awestruck ramblings), it should come out to about an hour.  The interview will be posted as an audio file, as it would literally take me months to transcribe the interview.  Watch for this interview in the first part of January to commemorate the one year anniversary of the FIRESTORM FAN blog.
  • I want to send a huge THANKS to Tommy from the Bat-Blog, a fantastic blog dedicated to all-things Batman! He was kind enough to give FIRESTORM FAN a shout-out last week. That was super-cool of him! Thanks Tommy!
  • While Firestorm doesn’t appear in Justice League of America #39, he is mentioned several times.  Additionally, there is a very creepy scene of Black Lantern Doctor Light licking Gehenna’s transformed head from Blackest Night.  Yuck!

  • Over at the Favorite Fiction blog, Marcus McElhaney postulates what would happen if Marvel Comic’s The Sentry fought Firestorm.  He even uses video from the customized Capcom fighting game to make his point.  While I’m not thrilled with the outcome of the fight, it’s still really cool to see it. Watch for Ronnie transforming into Firestorm and listen for sounds from the Super Friends cartoon. Click here to visit the Favorite Fiction blog.

If you can’t view the embedded video above, please click here.

  • Over at The Fwoosh, The Knights Round Table created several Green Lantern custom Mego action figures for Custom Con 24The Knights Round Table is a customizing community for the 8inch and 9inch cloth scale action figure format.  Here is their Mego scale Black Lantern Firestorm.

  • I stumbled across the comic strip below by Fred Hembeck on The Hembeck Files!  It appears it was originally drawn back in 1978, prior to Firestorm vol I getting canceled.

  • Finally, a cute Firestorm drawing by Matt Kaufenberg.  Given the hair on Firestorm, I gotta wonder if this was based upon early pictures of the Firestorm Blammoid.  My thanks to BDog for sending this my way.

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  2. rob! says:

    Congrats on the Gerry Conway interview! I’ve had the good fortune to interview GC twice, and they ended up being some of the best chats I’ve done, since he’s such a good storyteller (in every sense of the word!). Looking forward to it.

    On a separate note: that Dr. Light panel makes me sad.

  3. Jeph says:

    That was SO not a fair fight. I don’t care how powerful Firestorm could be, pitting him against Sentry!?? LOL Very cool to see Firestorm in a mocked-up video game though!

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