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We’ve Got the Beginnings of a Costume! Firestorm on the Flash!

Yesterday afternoon, Robbie Amell posted a photo to his Instagram account hinting at Firestorm’s costume!! Check out this close-up below! He posted the photo below with the message, “Late shoot last night. Here’s a little behind the scenes shot… #TheFlash #Firestorm”  Click the image below to enlarge. If you’re not seeing the connection with Firestorm, […]

Firestorm on The Flash Post-Game Report — No Spoilers

Firestorm! FIRESTORM! F-I-R-E-S-T-O-R-M!! Just in case someone hasn’t watched last night’s episode of The Flash yet, I’m posting this without spoilers. Since I’m not discussing, we’ll just say the parts you’d expect me to freak out, I did freak out. This was such a great episode! The developing plot with the Reverse Flash is gripping. […]

Watch Firestorm on The Flash Tonight!

Last week on The Flash we caught a glimpse of Ronnie Raymond (played by Robbie Amell) catching fire. Be sure to watch tonight for more Ronnie action, plus he name-drops, “Firestorm”!! Below you’ll find the Canadian preview for tonight’s episode. Click here if you can’t view the embedded video below. Now check out this cool […]

Watch Plastique Next Tuesday on The Flash!

EDITED: Whoops! I forgot Flash isn’t on tonight. This episode airs next week. My mistake! Another Firestorm rogue appears on The Flash tonight next week, this time it’s Plastique! Plastique is being played by actress Kelly Frye. Can’t wait to see our favorite explosive redhead in live action! Below is the episode description found on Fair […]

Ronnie Raymond on The Flash, Post-Game Report & Look Ahead

So what did you Match-heads think of Robbie Amell’s performance as Ronnie Raymond last night on The Flash?!?! Let’s jump right to the discussion! We’ll leave the episode recap for other websites. Besides, you watched it already yourself, right?!? One thing I enjoyed last night was the live Tweeting! Both Robbie Amell and Danielle Panabaker […]

Watch Multiplex Tonight on The Flash!

Firestorm’s first super-villain, Danton Black (a.k.a. Multiplex), is scheduled to appear on The Flash tonight! Danton Black is being played by actor Michael Smith. Can’t wait to see our favorite multiple menace in action! Check out this clip discussing Danton from tonight’s episode! For those of you unfamiliar with Multiplex, check out his awe-inspiring original […]

Robbie Amell preparing for Firestorm on The Flash

Robbie Amell posted some photos to Instagram back on Sept. 19 hinting at his transformation into Firestorm on the upcoming CW series, The Flash! Below are the photos and the accompanying message. “Tracking marks and a mandatory headband. Face scans for #TheFlash. #Firestorm” “This is where I get my powers. #Firestorm” Nice! I’m assuming the […]

Plastique (Firestorm foe) to join the cast of CW’s The Flash

On Tuesday of this week, word spread that Plastique will appear on CW’s The Flash! Another Firestorm character appears on The Flash?!?! Amazing! Positively Nuclear!! TV Line reports:  Ausiello: I’ve got some explosive scoop on this one (you’ll see what I did there in a minute): Sgt. Bette Sans Souci – AKA Plastique – will […]

BREAKING NEWS! Professor Martin Stein Coming to CW’s The Flash!

Professor Martin Stein will be coming to CW’s upcoming television series, The Flash! This announcement follows the news on July 9th that Robbie Amell has been cast as Ronnie Raymond. With no sign of Jason Rusch, when Firestorm eventually appears on the show it seems likely he’ll be the classic configuration. The news about Stein […]

Robbie Amell, Welcome to Firestorm’s Nuclear Family

Hi Robbie (and folks new to Firestorm), Congratulations on being cast as Ronnie Raymond in the upcoming CW show, THE FLASH! I wanted to send a note welcoming you to the wonderful world of Firestorm the Nuclear Man! Reaction to your casting from fans of Firestorm (affectionately known as “Match-heads”) has been incredibly positive! Everyone is excited […]

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