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Custom Doctor Fate Mego Action Figure

Okay, this is only marginally about Firestorm, but humor me as my birthday is this weekend. Today we’re looking at an incredibly thoughtful birthday present I received from Rob Kelly, my co-host for THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST and webmaster of The Aquaman Shrine! Obviously I’m nutso for Firestorm, but I’m also a freak for […]

Custom Mego Firestorm Action Figure Box

I don’t know much about this custom Mego action figure box, other than it’s AWESOME! It was posted by “The Toyroom” on the Mego Museum forum. The artwork was taken from Tom Fleming’s painting. What a clever and gorgeous custom piece! Click the image to enlarge. My thanks to Rob Kelly from The Aquaman Shrine, […]

Firestorm Custom Action Figure

Today we’re featuring a Firestorm custom-made action figure produced by fellow match-head John Gulick.   Here is some background on how John made the figure: I have wanted to make this custom for a long time. I always liked the character and Firestorm’s design, even though it is a bit dated today.  I tried this […]

More Firestorm Custom Statues

Check out these gorgeous Firestorm custom statues!  Last year we posted a fantastic Firestorm custom statue.  I thought that was the only one out there, but then I stumbled across these beauties! This first statue was sculpted by Gabriel Luna and is part of Averone’s collection.  I found this over on the Statues Community Forum.  […]

Custom Firestorm Plush

Isn’t this one of the cutest things ever!?!?!  It’s freakin’ adorable! This Firestorm custom plush doll was created by Kayelyn of K-n-B Creations.  Check out her deviantART page for more plush characters! My thanks to Frank (of the blogs: Martian Manhunter: Idol-Head of Diabolu, Justice League Detroit, Atom: Power of the Atom, Wonder Woman: Diana […]

Brightest Day, Toys, Appearances, Cartoons, and more!

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News!  Here are some news and web findings on our favorite hothead.  It’s been a while since I did a rundown like this, so there is quite a bit. Be sure to pick up Brightest Day #6 from your local comic shop.  We finally see the new […]

Firestorm Custom Statue

Check out this gorgeous Firestorm custom statue!  Simply breathtaking. This unbelievably cool custom statue was sculpted by jimM and painted by Jesse321 from Statue  You can find more information (and more pictures) on Statue Man, I wish DC would produce something like this. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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