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Firestorm Custom Action Figure

Today we’re featuring a Firestorm custom-made action figure produced by fellow match-head John Gulick.

Firestorm custom action figure by John Gulick


Firestorm custom action figure by John Gulick

Here is some background on how John made the figure:

I have wanted to make this custom for a long time. I always liked the character and Firestorm’s design, even though it is a bit dated today.  I tried this before with a Microman body, but once I’d seen the new Marvel Universe Dr. Strange I knew that I had the perfect base. (Just had to wait to find one.) Recipe is Slayer design studios head, upper body Dr. Strange, lower legs are MU Falcon and MU Cyclops, the rest of the costume details is apoxie putty.

I’ve never tried customizing my own figure, but I can imagine it’s very difficult. My thanks to John for sharing his custom-made figure with us!

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  1. outburst says:

    Certainly better than I could do and in many ways, this is a more accurate a portrayal of the costume than some of the recent Firestorm releases in the toy world.
    Trying to figure out where some of those pieces come from. Looks like a Marvel Legends knee and abdominal hinge…?
    Good luck to John, maybe you’ll be making figures for the big companies down the road!

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