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Firestorm in Captain Atom #2 (April 1987)

Our good buddy Frank from the Power of the Atom blog was kind enough to send us today’s scans! These come from Captain Atom #2 (April 1987) and were penciled by legendary Firestorm artist Pat Broderick! Story by Cary Bates and inks by Bob Smith.

The two pages below served as bookends for the main storyline.  Below is the first page of the comic. Click the image to enlarge…

Firestorm in Captain Atom #2 (April 1987) by Pat Broderick and Bob Smith

Next up is the final page from the comic. Click the image to enlarge…

Firestorm in Captain Atom #2 (April 1987) by Pat Broderick and Bob Smith

It’s nice to see Firestorm included with some of DC’s other premiere characters! Also, it’s always a pleasure to see Pat Broderick draw Firestorm and Plastique again!

My thanks to Frank for sending these scans! Be sure to visit the Power of the Atom blog for all your news on Captain Atom and The Atom!

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  1. Royal Octopus says:

    Villain or not I question ‘Today’s Life’ magazine’s judgement of having a picture of a woman getting punched in the face on the cover. No wonder the Daily Planet is the made-up news source of choice in the DCU.

  2. Frank says:

    I love that these super-heroes had nothing better to do than spend time thinking about some random new super-hero they’d never met like he was the new girl in class. “Gee, how does his hair sway like that through metal skin. And both are equally shiny! How dreamy…” It’s also funny that Batman was duped like that.

  3. firestormfan89 says:

    @Royal Octopus: lol :)

    I like that Blue Beetle has the weird feeling he’s met Capt Atom somewhere before. But I think he means that Nite Owl has met Dr. Manhattan. I get so confused trying to keep all these different continuities straight.

  4. outburst says:

    I’m sure there are a fair number of people who don’t care for Pat Broderick’s work. Personally, he worked on two significant titles for me in the day: Firestorm and Alpha Flight (Eh, I’m Canadian!).
    Like him or not, I think most would have to admit that he has a style that is easily identifiable as his own. You could throw anything of his in front of me and I could identify it instantly. Not sure I could say that for many other artists.
    His work has flaws, but there are also some real nice things about it too. I liked his rendition of Firestorm and he owns the image in my head of a few characters, like Black Bison, Hyena, early Firehawk, and yes, Captain Atom.

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