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The Flash Season Finale – What You Didn’t See in the Episode

I’m not going to include any spoilers for The Flash season finale here just yet, but we are going to share what you didn’t see in the finale.

Robbie Amell as Firestorm on The Flash

Robbie Amell did an interview with Comic Book Resources in which he talked about a scene that was cut from the season finale. Check it out!

CBR News: In “Fallout,” Ronnie and Prof. Stein left Central City to learn about their abilities. In what ways do you feel they had a better handle on their powers when you returned to deal with Reverse-Flash?

Robbie Amell: In the finale, you were going to see a scene where Caitlin and I are talking. I tell her, we do have a better handle on our powers, [and] I show her a new trick. They introduced matter manipulation in the finale — but the finale was also thirty minutes too long, because it’s such a huge, incredible episode, [the scene] was one of the things that could go. You won’t see it, but originally I turn a thermometer into a flower for her. It was a very sweet scene that showed some matter manipulation. Maybe they will release it on the DVD/Blu-ray set.

While we were away, we’ve just become more comfortable with our abilities. At the end of the other episode, when we flew away, as long as we accepted the transformation and we were both on board, it went a lot smoother. In the finale, there was going to be a scene when we turn into Firestorm. We literally step towards each other and turn into him. There isn’t any difficulty. And, now, we get to do matter manipulation — but nobody gets to see it yet.

Wow! While it didn’t appear in this episode, at least we know Firestorm will be displaying his trademark Matter Manipulation powers on future episodes of DC TV! And my streak of being COMPLETELY WRONG remains unbroken in my speculation of what the future holds for Firestorm on TV! I was convinced they wouldn’t give him matter manipulation powers on TV (then again, months ago I was convinced Firestorm would never appear in live action either).

Also, during the interview CRB asked about Robbie about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

CBR News: The “Legends of Tomorrow” promo features Firestorm and Prof. Stein, but Ronnie is notably absent. How much of that is explained in “The Flash” finale as opposed to the series?

Robbie Amell: You think more would be explained in the finale, but it’s not. I can’t tell you anything about “Legends of Tomorrow” other than it’s going to be incredible. I can tell you that I will be in Season Two of “The Flash.”

Cryptic, but more Robbie Amell/Victor Garber Firestorm is in our future!

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  1. Keith G. Baker says:

    I still have a bad feeling that they are saving Ronnie dying and Caitlin to Killer Frost transformation for The Flash, Season 2.

  2. Well, SPOILERS

    You see Katelin as Killer Frost as Barry runs through the Speed Force. So you may be right.


  3. Leenovak16 says:

    I think it’s pretty clear that Ronnie dies and that is the catalyst for Caitlin to “turn”. Part of me though just hopes that they didn’t show the face of the other half of Firestorm in the “Legends” trailer because they are still negotiating with Robbie to appear in the show. He’s had a couple films come out recently, maybe contract negotiations are taking longer than the showrunners anticipated. I know that theory is probably wrong, but it helps me sleep at night. :)

    I was a little disappointed that Firestorm didn’t do much of anything in the Flash finale but I did love the line, “Let’s not fight on our wedding day.”

    1. James says:

      I agree, but it shows how good the two characters, especially Martin, are, that they could be civilian and still move us.

  4. Keith G. Baker says:

    Holy crap, E2C! I completely missed that:

    Lee, I hope you’re right. I couldn’t stand yet another round of Firestorm substitutes.

    1. James says:

      Doesn’t it seem that while we’ve gotten more Firestorm than we expected, it never ends up being what we expect? First we thought Ronnie would make a comeback in the solo series of the mid 2000s….but we got Jason instead. Then we thought we’d get a traditional Ronnie/Jason FS post-Brightest Day….then we got the New 52.

      1. Keith G. Baker says:

        Yep. For some reason DC keeps thinking that, rather than giving fans what they want, they give the fans what they think the fans *should* want (see New Gods, OMAC, Brother Eye, Superman Red/Blue, non-Ronnie/Stein Firestorm etc). It’s a real weird dynamic.

        1. James says:

          It’s worse in their movie division. At least we’re getting a great product for the most part on TV.

  5. James says:

    Now, I’m not sure….I think it can be accomplished by having Ronnie do something inadvertently to ruin the marriage, or vice versa. After all, Killer Frost needs a Firestorm to fight, doesn’t she?

    I would have loved to see the transmutation scene…as it was, DCTVU Firestorm’s powers seemed more in line with the Fire Elemental version, as did his appearance. Which makes me wonder if somehow, Martin will be a solo Firestorm on Legends, while Ronnie and/or Jason get the mantle on Flash?

    And I would be totally fine with Martin taking Wells’ advisor role in STAR Labs.

  6. One thing I’m wondering about… given that we’re looking at the existence of the multiverse (teases suggest more than just “Earth 2″) in the next Season, we could easily see Caitlyn as Killer Frost as an *alternate* version of Caitlyn, and not necessarily that “our” Caitlyn ever changes (although there would be extremely interesting implications to explore, as it would suggest that Caitlyn *could* change, whether she ever actually does or not).

  7. Spinks says:

    Great stuff. But not having even a moment of matter manipulation in the finale doesn’t help Firestorm’s future. Man, that power is awesome and cool, and frankly, people like it… just a little bit of it would help improve the fan base–and get the fan base excited…

    On the other hand, Victor’s performance was outstanding…
    Ronnie’s smarts are nice to see… Nice banter during the wedding between the two… though no… well, you know…

    I don’t see Ronnie needing to die to turn Caitlyn to Killer Frost… I see him perhaps not being able to save her… (hence, constant guilt)… but I’m thinking Killer Frost will be a Flash villain now that Captain Cold is a good guy… I do see the multiverse kicking in…

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