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“Firestorm & His Atomic Friends” spin-off is a Go!

Great news! The recently-announced spin-off of Arrow & The Flash has been “picked up”, without even a pilot episode being filmed!

Legends of Tomorrow

That’s right, “Firestorm & His Atomic Friends” should be airing on your TV sometime during mid-season. The odd thing is within the official announcement they misspelled, “Firestorm & His Atomic Friends”. For some reason they spelled it, “Legends of Tomorrow”.  Must be a typo or something.

Here is official plot synopsis:


When heroes alone are not enough… the world needs legends. Having seen the future, one he will desperately try to prevent from happening, time-traveling rogue Rip Hunter is tasked with assembling a disparate group of both heroes and villains to confront an unstoppable threat – one in which not only is the planet at stake, but all of time itself. Can this ragtag team defeat an immortal threat unlike anything they have ever known?

DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW stars Victor Garber (“The Flash,” “Alias”); Brandon Routh (“Arrow,” “Superman Returns”); Arthur Darvill (“Doctor Who”); Caity Lotz (“Arrow”); Ciarra Renee (“Pippin”); Franz Drameh (“Edge of Tomorrow”); with Dominic Purcell (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”); and Wentworth Miller (“The Flash,” “Prison Break”). Based on the characters from DC Comics, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, with executive producers Greg Berlanti (“The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”), Marc Guggenheim (“Eli Stone,” “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”), Andrew Kreisberg (“The Flash,” “Eli Stone,” “Warehouse 13″) and Sarah Schechter (“The Flash,” upcoming “Pan”).

Oh yeah, that’s right. Victor Garber (Professor Martin Stein) received top billing! Nice!

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  1. *grabs paper bag, starts huffing into it*

    Well I have to take off work, this is clearly a national holiday among our people!

    Seriously though, I love that they’re doing a semi-anthology show since I was nervous that Match-head and some others didn’t quite have the stuff to support a show on their own (or if they did, it would end up too expensive) so by splitting it all up, seems like a great way to make it affordable! I mean, I’d say this looks like a case of a studio doing something smart but that would mean that hell’s frozen over!

    Although I’m still not liking Ray Palmer as Iron Man. :(

  2. Hawkgirl And Her Less Interesting Associates sounds like it is shaping up to be a great show! The time travel aspect utilizing Rip Hunter means that the production team can feasibly set stories in any of Hawkgirl’s past lives, as well!

    1. I know I’m a bit behind (I never watch arrow as it airs, but wait for it to release as a season then watch it all at once) but which one is Hawkgirl and Rip Hunter?

      I actually kind of liked Rip, especially when Booster Gold got his “protector of the timeline” arc in the comics so I would totally like to see a semi-fun, semi-serious bits of them going all about the time stream.

      1. Neither Hawkgirl nor Rip Hunter have appeared in either Arrow or The Flash as of right now, so they are both new additions to the universe.

        And h/t to Xum below because I have the same thought regarding Sara Lance…

    2. Shag says:

      “Hawkgirl and Her Less Interesting Associates”!! I genuinely laughed out loud at that!!!

  3. Xum Yukinori says:

    So if Rip Hunter is pulling this team together, he could easily recruit Sara Lance from a point in time before her death. This would add deeper meaning to her episode 301 line, “I haven’t been away… that long.”

  4. This sounds like an interesting premise. Looking forward to seeing where Firestorm ends up at with the Flash finale.


  5. Joe X says:

    Still think “Legends of Justice” would be better, if we can’t have F&HAF.

  6. Was Super-Team Family already taken?


  7. Glad to see “Black Canary and Some Other Dicks” got the green light!

    I have one concern about the presence of Martin Stein sans Ronnie or Jason. ARROW and THE FLASH follow a pretty similar formula and structure in terms of hero and suppurating cast. Both shows have a tech nerd character to provide exposition so that the main character doesn’t need to appear too smart for the target audience (it works for Ollie; bothers me for Barry). I worry that Stein will be relegated to the Felicity/Caitlin/Cisco role of “explainer” instead of being an active part of Firestorm.

    1. Uh… given that Stein is always the passive, advising figure in the Firestorm matrix, it seems that he can be the Felicity/Caitlin/Cisco role AND an active part of Firestorm.

      At least that’s pretty much the way he’s always been. 😉

      1. But nothing I’ve seen so far–and hopefully I’m wrong–but nothing I’ve seen so far suggests the “and an active part of Firestorm.” I’m just saying, I don’t want to see Stein sitting in front of a computer coordinating with Rip Hunter and Iron-Atom over bluetooth every episode.

  8. Xum Yukinori says:

    I also believe “Jay Jackson” is code for “Wally West”… but we shall see…

  9. Xum Yukinori says:

    I have a feeling “Jay Jackson” is code for “Wally West” — we shall see…

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