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Firestorm & The Thing in Super-Team Family #1000

The Thing & Firestorm working together, yet barely hanging on in “Penthouse of Panic!”

This short story is part of the giant-sized Super-Team Family #1000! Click the image below to enlarge!

Super-Team Family #1000

No, you didn’t miss an inter-company crossover featuring the Nuclear Man and the Ever-Lovin’ Blue-Eyed Thing. This team-up is part of the 1,000th issue celebration of Super-Team Family! These fictitious team-ups are the work of a gentleman named Ross who runs Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! That site is dedicated to the greatest team-ups that never happened. He started with Brave and the Bold fake covers starring Batman, transitioned into Marvel Two-in-One fake covers starring the Thing, and is now doing Super-Team Family featuring a wide variety of team-ups. Back in January they reached their mind-boggling 1,000th post! In the post Ross shared all kinds of goodies, include the process he follows to create these posts. On top of all that, Ross is a former letter-hack to the Fury of Firestorm comic! Look for him in letter columns while reading your back issues!

Over the years, Ross has featured Firestorm several times on his blog:

Be sure to check out Ross’ work on Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! Every day there is a new amazing piece! Also, please consider supporting Ross’ efforts via his Patreon page! I did!

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