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Firestorm and The Vision

Super-Team Family proudly presents Firestorm and The Vision in “Overkill”!

Super-Team Family Presents Firestorm and The Vision

No, you didn’t miss an actual inter-company crossover starring the Nuclear Man and the Android Avenger. This fictitious meeting is the work of a gentleman named Ross who runs Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! That site is dedicated to the greatest team-ups that never happened. He started with Brave and the Bold fake covers starring Batman, transitioned into Marvel Two-in-One fake covers starring the Thing, and is now doing Super-Team Family featuring a wide variety of team-ups. Today’s entry features a George Perez Firestorm paired with an Alan Davis Vision! Below are several previous Firestorm appearances:

Be sure to check out Ross’ work on Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! There are some really impressive gems in there!

My thanks to Little Russell Burbage from Portsmouth, Washington for the heads-up on this awesome team-up!

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  1. liquidcross says:

    Now if only Firestorm would take out white costume Vision. Then he’d be doing us all a favor.

  2. Tim Wallace says:

    I’d read that! lol

    Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues is brilliant stuff!

    And thanks to you Shag (and Rob) I’ve discovered this and begun posting the Blue Beetle related one’s over at my blog!

  3. Luke says:

    Could Firestorm’s transmutative powers impact Vision if Vizh was intangible? Obviously Vizh would still have a molecular makeup, but if those molecules have no effective mass, is there anything to transmute?

    If Vision pulled his “solidify my hand inside of your chest” trick on Firestorm, what would the effect be? Splitting Ronnie and the Professor apart?

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