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Favorite Covers: The Fury of Firestorm #40

Time for another favorite cover! The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #40 cover art by Mike Clark and Steve Mitchell (cover dated Oct. 1985)!

This particular cover has always been a bit inspirational for me. Ronnie triumphing in school and starting the next phase of his personal life. While I didn’t graduate today, I do have my own personal reasons for posting this today. I’m concluding a major chapter in my life today and now it’s on to bigger and better things! A reason to celebrate!

Fury of Firestorm #40 cover by Mike Clark and Steve Mitchell

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    I remember this cover well, it’s so great when Ronnie gets a joyful moment (with the best ever being the revelation that a certain someone was alive and well). Enjoy yours!

  2. Kyle Benning says:

    Great cover & congrats on your own personal milestone achievement! Good luck in your next chapter!

  3. James says:

    It kind of reminds me how I started collecting Firestorm comics my senior year of high school…

  4. Martin Stein Returns says:

    I actually turned this into a poster for my graduation recital when I was an undergrad.

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