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Happy Birthday, Gerry Conway!

We want to wish a Happy Birthday to Firestorm co-creator and writer (and super-creative and all-around nice guy) Gerry Conway!!

Hope it’s a great one, Gerry!

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  1. Doug Z says:

    AW YEAH!!! Thank you, Gerry! I hope you have an AWESOME birthday!!

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday Mr. Conway! Thanks for the countless hours of entertainment you have provided us. And thanks for personally giving me goosebumps in the opening to this week’s F&W Episode #100!


  3. wolfgang hartz says:

    shag you’ve gotta help me! As you may know the next issue of who’s who ends with the syonide entry. Well, she actually broke into my home and kidnapped me! She said that she’s not going to let me go until you and rob cover her issue of who’s who!

    1. Shag says:

      Wolfgang – Your liberation is almost at hand! New WHO’S WHO PODCAST this coming Sunday!

  4. Gerry Conway created some of the best characters, moments and stories of the Bronze Age, including Firestorm. But for my money, Conway wrote the first and best origin story for Black Canary in a 1978 issue of DC Special Series.

  5. wolfgang hartz says:


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