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April Fool’s Day Hijinks from Count Drunkula & Anj!

Our friend Count Drunkula over at Flowers & Fishnets: A Black Canary blog had some fun at my expense on April Fool’s Day. He re-dressed his blog as … wait for it … FIRESTORM FAN! What?!?!

Drunkula has a unique, and quite possibly psychotic, sense of humor. To completely mess with his reader’s minds, and my own, he switched-up his site. I stumbled across this change while reading a Google Alert for the term “Firestorm Fan”. At first I didn’t realize what I was reading. I thought it was a reference to my own site. Upon the third reading I realized something was desperately amiss. Below is a screen shot of his blog as it appeared on April Fool’s Day! To sell the prank, Drunkula wrote a full-on review of Firestorm v3 #3. That’s dedication! You can still read the post by clicking here (be sure to check the comments).

Flowers & Fishnets: A Black Canary Blog redesigned as Firestorm Fan

Too funny! I was laughing hysterically at Drunkula’s April Fool’s Day fun! They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! I’ll take that! Be sure to check out site on a regular basis. It’s full of fun reviews, great images, and hilarious action figure funnies.

Drunkula wasn’t alone in his April Fool’s Day hijinks! Anj over at the Supergirl-themed blog, Comic Box Commentary, also jumped in the fun. He re-dressed his site as a Nightshade blog, stating he was fed up with Supergirl. Below is a screen shot of his blog as it appeared on April Fool’s Day! You can still read the post by clicking here (be sure to check the comments on this one too).

Comic Box Commentary Supergirl redesigned as a Nightshade blog

Be sure to also visit Anj’s site on a regular basis. He does an excellent job covering Supergirl in all her various forms (classic, New 52, Power Girl, etc).

Thanks for the laughs guys! If you enjoyed these pranks, then check out the 2011 April Fool’s Day blog crossover in which 9 different blogs pulled similar stunts. In that instance, Firestorm Fan was rebranded as “B’wana Beast’s Blog!” Love me some April Fool’s Day fun!

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  1. Martin Gray says:

    Oh what a hoot, I came across that Firestorm post, thought it was you and decided to go back later …

    I believe some other blogs did April Fool’s posts too (sob…).

  2. Tim Wallace says:

    Nice April Fools! I’m going to have to start thinking about what to do myself next year!

  3. The switcheroo was entirely inspired by the 2011 Justice League of Bloggers April Fool’s crossover event. I remember finding your B’Wana Beast blog post after-the-fact and being a little heart broken that it wasn’t permanent. I made a whole list of characters and concepts I could switch to for the first of April, but what really amused me was the idea of stealing someone else’s blog topic as if they didn’t exist. That’s why I took your blog title–and even description under the “Welcome” tag.

    You can take it as flattery. I meant it as not-so-veiled antagonism. But whatever, as long as everyone had fun!

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