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Looking to the future with JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #6

Tucked away among the May 2013 solicitations was the cover to Justice League 3000#6 with art by Howard Porter. It’s a nice cover, but nothing really makes it stand out. However, it’s worth noting for us match-heads due to the appearance of Firestorm 3000! Well, he’s really just “Firestorm”, but I think we’ll call him “Firestorm 3000″ to prevent any confusion with the more contemporary version. Though Firestorm 3000 appears on the cover below, sadly he isn’t mentioned in the solicitation. Love the roiling flames on this cover!! Click the image below to enlarge!

Justice League 3000 #6 cover by Howard Porter featuring Firestorm

Here is the solicitation:

Art and cover by HOWARD PORTER
On sale MAY 7. 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US. RATED T
The League decides to launch a mission to rescue Green Lantern without Cadmus’s approval! Plus: The unfortunate return of The Flash makes things awkward for everybody!

Can’t wait to learn more about the Nuclear Man of the future! I’ve got my sneaking suspicions (which I outlined on a recent FIRE & WATER PODCAST episode), but time will tell!

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  1. Charlemagne says:

    While I am happy to see a Firestorm here, I an Unhappy that many of my books have been and are being cancelled lately. Firestorm, Vibe, JLA, Animal Man and Suicide Squad. I don’t want to read 40 different Batman and Superman related books (I don’t have one to begin with). While I understand cancellations and in the case of most of these books the new 52 take on these books was either too dark, boring or just a major departure from their classic takes.

    Yeah, I know JLA is becoming JL United and I can get my Buddy Baker fix there, but I would of liked to see him go the superhero road in his own book.


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