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Forever Evil #1 – So this happened…

Forever Evil #1 hit shelves yesterday! If you haven’t already picked it up, you might be interested to know this happened…

Firestorm Rogues in Forever Evil #1 by David Finch

Killer Frost from Forever Evil #1 by David Finch

Yup, in the top image that’s Black Bison, Multiplex(s), Typhoon, Plastique, Deathstorm, and Hyena. In the bottom image that’s Killer Frost.

And this is just a fraction of a bigger canvas! For the complete picture, pick up Forever Evil #1 in stores now!

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  1. As evidenced in this Forever Evil/villains push, it’s obvious that Geoff Johns knows Firestorm has one of the deeper rogues galleries, which makes it all the sadder that these baddies didn’t get used until the penultimate issue of Firestorm’s last series. Any one of the above pictured Firestorm foils could have and should have had a spotlight in FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MEN. Instead, they were crammed together, forced to share page space, which negated their coolness and threat level.

  2. Shag, did you actually read the story? Is it worth getting? I trust your opinion, so let me know.

  3. Luke says:

    Well, Count, I know Jurgens had intended Firestorm to take on each one of the Rogues individually, it just didn’t get a chance to happen.

    I wonder if the new Hawkfoes will be included — Pike, Xerxes, Ironsides, St. Bastion, Aksana, etc. I assume that since she has a spotlight issue that Shadow Thief will put in an appearance, and while technically not a Hawkman bad guy per se, the New 52 Blockbuster did debut fighting Hawkman.

  4. Luke says:

    Also say it with me: Typhoon is a STORM OF THE SOUL!

  5. Luke – The Hawkman foe Monocle got… “a moment” in the first issue. I thought Shadow Thief popped up in this, but now I realize it must have been The Shade since, uh, it wasn’t a woman. I haven’t read anything with the new Shadow Thief because Carl Sands is one of my favorite villains and I didn’t think I would be able to handle the new version.

  6. Luke says:

    I read Forever Evil #1 this afternoon, and we did get a New 52 Hawkfoe — the newly designed Gentleman Ghost is there, next to Two-Face and Mr. Zsasz. You can tell from his top hat and shoulder bracer, in line with his Phillip Tan redesign. It’s odd, though — it seems that he has lost his other shoulder bracer, and somehow made his way back to this plane of existence… no doubt because of the magical shake-up across all the magical planes during Trinity War!

    Very excited… Trinity War was fantastic and Forever Evil has started off with a bang. It may not be a popular opinion on the Internet but I am champing at the bit for more of this story!

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