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If you head over to DC Comics website right now, you can download some cool Batman: The Brave and the Bold coloring pages! Among these pages is even one dedicated to the Nuclear Man!

Firestorm from Batman Brave and the Bold  - coloring page on DC Comics website

Just for fun, check out the name given to this PDF file on DC Comics website: “08222013_2nd_3rd Tier Heros.PDF”.  Second and third tier heroes?!?!? Ouch!!!

My thanks to Keith G. Baker for directing me to these super-fun coloring sheets! I’d like to stay and chat longer, but I gotta go find a box of crayons…

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  1. Luke says:

    I always thought that Firestorm’s admittedly complex costume translated really well to the TB&TB’s clean, bold style. It also really played up the New Gods style elements, which is another plus.

    And don’t feel too bad — Hawkman didn’t even make the cut. D’oh!

  2. Kyle Benning says:

    Ha wow! 2nd & 3rd Tier heroes! Man DC doesn’t sugarcoat it. That’s sad that themselves view Firestorm that way when he used to be their top selling book.

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